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  • Timberjack
    Save your chain and your back
    Product Summary
    The timberjack is a simple yet invaluable tool for property maintenance. Safely and easily move heavy logs, then securely tilt them upwards for comfortable and efficient sawing. Saves your saws from being dulled as they hit the ground, and your back from unnecessary stress.
  • Head/Hearing Protectors
    A must have for chainsaw safety!
    Product Summary
    Keep yourself safe while running your chainsaw or other power equipment with the all in one commercial use noise reduction ear muffs, mesh screen and a hard hat. Easy adjustment headband knob makes fitting a snap.
    You save:$5.00
  • Chainsaw Saw Mill
    Use your chainsaw to mill beautiful boards
    Product Summary
    Turn your chainsaw into an effective saw mill! Produce uniform lumber or squared logs with this simple yet innovative chainsaw attachment.
    You save:$5.00
  • Log Holder
    The safe way to hold logs for cutting
    Product Summary
    Save your back and your saw chain! Cut your firewood or lumber off of the ground without worrying about the log slipping. The teeth of the all-steel Log Holder keep your firewood or lumber securely. Lightweight and folds up for easy storage.
    You save:$99.00
  • Woodchuck Log Jack
    Save your chainsaw and your back!
    Product Summary
    This handy Log Jack holds large logs up off the ground so cutting them with your chainsaw is safe and easy. Save your chain from hitting the ground, and your back from bending too far.
    You save:$15.00
  • Superchuck Firewood Hauler
    Save your back!
    Product Summary
    Bringing in your firewood has never been easier! With a low center of gravity, 20 inch wheels and a perfect balance point, the Superchuck Firewood Cart is a perfect tool for transporting as much as 200 lbs of firewood at a time.
    You save:$193.00
  • Refill Kit
    For 16" PowerSharp Kit
    Product Summary
    The 16" PowerSharp Refill Kit is used for Husqvarna, Echo, Tanaka, Redmax and Homelite PowerSharp bar-mount sharpening system. It includes a replacement chain and a sharpening stone.
    You save:$25.00
  • Firewood Moisture Meter
    Is your firewood properly seasoned?
    Product Summary
    Ensure a safe and efficient fire with the help of the firewood moisture meter. There's no better way to be certain that your firewood has the ideal moisture content than testing it with this handy and easy-to-use tool.
    You save:$19.00
  • Chainsaw Multi-Tool
    All-in-one chainsaw tool
    Product Summary
    The Chainsaw Multi-Tool gives you all the tools for chainsaw maintenance in one package that fits in your pocket. Adjust your bar, clean out your chain, and more with this handy tool.
    You save:$5.00
  • 14" PowerSharp Starter Kit
    For Husqvarna, Echo, Tanaka, Homelite & Redmax
    Product Summary
    Takes only seconds and gives a precise sharpening. The 14" PowerSharp Starter Kit can be used with Husqvarna, Echo, Tanaka, Homelite and Redmax. It includes an easy-to-sharpen chain, bar, and a bar mount sharpener. For use with a 3/8" low profile bar (included).
    You save:$18.00
  • 21 Products found

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