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    DR 62V Yard Tool System

    DR Pulse 62V Yard Tool System(1:21)

    DR 62V Battery Lawn Mowers

    DR Pulse 62V Battery Lawn Mowers (2:21)

    DR 62V Yard Tools

    DR Pulse 62V Yard Tools (1:28)

    DR Pulse Battery Powered Tools Have Arrived!

    Are you a believer?

    You may be a bit skeptical about battery-powered equipment. Given a lot of the products that have come and gone over the last 15-20 years that is understandable. Early attempts were under-powered and featured NiCad batteries that had lots of charging issues (under-charging, over-charging, or just not charging at all). And battery life expectancy was dismal.

    Lithium-Ion batteries have changed all that. As a result, most people have come to accept battery power on some smaller tools (chances are good, for example, that you own a cordless drill gun), but there is still lingering doubt when it comes to bigger tools that require more juice—like lawn mowers and other property care equipment.

    The good news is that power parity has arrived—at least for many applications on modest sized properties (and the bigger equipment isn't far behind). If you own a lawn of less than a half-acre, you owe it to yourself to check out the benefits of battery-powered tools. We're biased of course, but our new family of DR Pulse Battery Powered Yard Tools puts all those benefits on display!

    Battery tools are just plain EASIER TO USE.

    No one likes the routine with gas. Do I have enough fuel to get the work done? When was the last time I checked the oil? Will it start? Why the heck WON'T it start? When was the last time I changed the sparkplug? (Have I EVER changed the sparkplug?)

    With DR Battery Powered Tools, from the moment you think of mowing (or trimming, or blowing, or cutting), it's only a matter of minutes—maybe even seconds—before you are really doing it! Drop in a battery, start with the push of a button, and you're in business.

    Not only that, but you're working with a substantially lighter product—one that is less likely to wear you out as you make your rounds. All DR tools are thoughtfully designed and balanced, and have ergonomic grips and other considerations built in. Why make your job harder with heavier equipment that's not ready when you are?

    Battery tools are CLEANER.

    You don't have to be an "ecology nut" to appreciate this fact: according to the EPA, lawn mowers are responsible for about ONE-THIRD of the total pollution in metropolitan areas. Add in the effects of spills from over-filling (how many times have you done that?!), and the value of clean power really starts to add up. Wouldn't you feel better about NOT contributing to the mess anymore?

    Battery tools are QUIETER.

    Then there's noise pollution. How often have you been annoyed by the winding, whirring, grating sound of a sputtering gas engine on an otherwise beautiful day? Our DR Battery Powered Tools are so quiet that you can do your yardwork any time of day without disturbing your neighbors. Plus, you won't need hearing protection and inhaling gas fumes will no longer be part of the job!

    But do battery tools have the POWER I want?

    But will these tools actually get your work done? You've been disappointed in the past...why should you risk another purchase?

    We could answer the power question with specs and numbers and words, but you can check all that out through the links above. But the proof is in the pudding...and, as with all DR Power Equipment, we let you be the judge of that with our 6 Month At Home Trial.

    Try a DR on your own property for up to 6 Months. If you're dissatisfied, for any reason, we will take it back, no questions asked. You can read the offer details here.

    So, we invite you to check out all the DR Pulse Battery Powered Tools above. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised by the possibilities, including the run times you can expect from a single battery charge. And if you're property is on the larger size for the times indicated, you can pick up a second battery...that way you can have a freshly charged battery ready and double your time of continuous operation.