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DR® Power Grader

We want to help you keep your DR® Power Grader running in top form.

Use these resources to help maximize performance and extend the life of your investment. If there is something specific you are looking for, please call or email one of our Specialists during our business hours.

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Owner's Manuals, Parts Lists & Schematics

If you have any questions or are unsure of your model, please contact one of our experienced Technical Support Specialists via phone or email.

Please Note: Parts Lists and Schematics are located in the back of the Owner's Manual.

48" & 60" PG2 with Powered Remote (January 2017 - Present)48" & 60" PG2 with Powered Remote (January 2017 - Present) Owner's Manual
48" Model with EZ-Dial48" Model with EZ-Dial Owner's Manual
48" Model with Remote48" Model with Remote Owner's Manual
60" Model with Remote60" Model with Remote Owner's Manual
48" Model without Remote48" Model without Remote Owner's Manual
60" Model without Remote60" Model without Remote Owner's Manual
Optional Drag ScreenOptional Drag Screen Owner's Manual


A guide to solving common problems with your DR® Power Grader.

Most problems are easy to fix. Consult the troubleshooting table below for common problems and their solutions.

warning Warning:

When performing any maintenance, you must first shut off the tow vehicle, set the parking brake and disconnect power from the battery of the DR® Power Grader by separating the fuse holder. Read the safety considerations section of your Owner's Manual before performing any repairs or maintenance.

The wheels on the tow vehicle spin during the grading operation.

  • The scarifying teeth are set too low, causing too large a section of surface to be removed. Raise the height of the scarifying teeth plate to improve traction.
  • There is too much weight in the weight tray. Remove some of the weight.
  • The tow vehicle is not adequate for your application.

The scarifying teeth are not digging properly.

  • The angle of the tow bar is not set correctly. Adjust the tow bar up for better grading or adjust the tow bar down for better scarifying.
  • There is not enough weight for the hardness of the surface material. Add weight (no more than 80lbs for corded models or 80lbs for EZ-Dial models) to the Power Grader to improve performance.
  • The wheels are not lifted all the way up. Raise the wheels completely when grading or scarifying.

The mold board cannot be rotated to alternate angle settings.

  • The lower hardware is too tight. Loosen the lower bolt and locknut to allow the mold board to rotate during adjustment. Tighten all hardware when angle adjustment is done.

The scarifying teeth plate will not move up or down. (Powered Remote models only)

  • The battery charge is low; charge the battery.
  • Check the fuse and replace it if necessary. See your Owner's Manual.
  • Loose wire connection. Check the actuator/battery cable connection, and the battery terminal connections, and the Remote Control wire connection.

Operating Parameters

There are four different types of tow vehicles recommended for the DR® Power Grader. Each vehicle type has specific strengths, weaknesses, and operating parameters when used with the DR® Power Grader.

Lawn Tractor/Garden Tractor

  • 14 HP and/or 400-pound tractor minimum for the 48" Models.
  • 19 HP and/or 500-pound tractor minimum for the 60" Model.
  • 5-degree slopes or less.
  • Material loosened during grading increases traction difficulties.
  • Very good speed control and turning radius.
  • Frequent scarifying teeth adjustment may be necessary to maintain traction.
  • Forward motion of the DR® Power Grader may need to be initiated before ground contact.


  • 500cc 4WD ATV recommended for 60” Model.
  • Traction issues are less evident.
  • More difficult to maintain a consistent speed of less than 5 MPH.
  • Turning radius is large (best used for large, straight drives).


  • Traction issues are less evident.
  • More difficult to maintain a consistent speed of less than 5 MPH.
  • Turning radius is large (best used for large, straight drives).
  • The tailgate should be lowered for best visibility.

Utility Tractor

  • Traction is excellent.
  • Visibility is very good.
  • With the increased power, the chance of accidentally damaging the DR® Power Grader's frame is increased. The towing speed MUST be kept less than 5 MPH.

Not for Use with Truck or Car

  • Do not use these types of vehicles; the DR® Power Grader is difficult to see.
  • NEVER operate the DR® Power Grader with a truck (2WD or 4WD). Use of a truck will void the DR® Power Grader Warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best tow vehicle for the DR® Power Grader?

A: Of the vehicles we've tested, utility tractors and four wheel drive ATVs perform best. Lawn tractors also work very well (minimum 14 HP/400 lbs. for the 48" models and 19 HP/500 lbs. for the 60" model). The lighter the towing vehicle, the more you have to adjust your scraping/grading depth in order to maintain traction. We don't recommend towing the DR® Power Grader with any vehicle where you can't easily see the grader (and any obstacles it may encounter).

Q: How does the DR® Power Grader compare to a box scraper?

A: Box scrapers usually have 4 or 6 non-hardened scarifying teeth spaced 12" apart. As a result, they are best suited for loosening soil. They don't do a good job penetrating extremely hard driveway surfaces (and their non-hardened teeth quickly wear out on these surfaces anyway). That's because they rely solely on the weight of the box scraper to dig - and on hard surfaces that's just not enough.

Q: What won't the DR® Power Grader do?

A: It won't grade areas covered with tall, thick vegetation. The vegetation will clog the scarifying teeth, making them ineffective. Similarly, if the area you are grading has a lot of rocks, the machine will perform better if you remove rocks that surface as you're grading. Finally the Power Grader is not designed to move snow.

Q: Can the DR® Power Grader create a crown in the road?

A: No, but you can maintain a crown in the road by grading each side separately.

Q: Can the DR® Power Grader ruin the crown in the road?

A: Yes, but only if you grade down the centerline of the road.

Q: Can I use my lawn tractor in sandy soils?

A: Lawn tractors do not perform as well as an ATV or Utility Tractor in sandy soils.

Q: How long will the teeth last?

A: We graded over 100 miles of rock-hard limestone roads with no visible wear on the carbide-tipped teeth. This same material is used on well drilling bits and excavating equipment. It will last for an extremely long time. If you do manage to wear out or damage the teeth, they are easily replaced.

Q: How often do I need to recharge the DR® Power Grader's battery? (Powered Remote models only)

A: We tested the actuator to over 800 cycles without any loss of power, so you won't need to charge it very often. When you do charge the battery, just plug it into any 110-volt outlet overnight. The battery charger is included with the machine. When you are done using the DR® Power Grader, we recommend disconnecting the battery.

Q: How are DR® products shipped?

A: We offer 3 basic options:
1) Delivery to a Depot
2) Delivery to Home or Business
3) Enhanced Home Delivery

Q: How does your 6 Month Hands-On Trial work?

A: We are so confident you'll love your DR® machine that we want you to be able to try it out on your own property virtually risk-free. If at any time during the first 6 months of owning your DR® (6 months from the date it ships) you decide that it isn't right for you, or wish to exchange it for a different model, we will take it back, no questions asked, for a full refund, less shipping to and from your delivery location. See more information here.

Q: How does my warranty work?

A: DR® machines come with a 2-year warranty (for residential use, 90 days for commercial use) that covers all defects in materials and workmanship. Extended warranties (1-year, 2-year, and 3-year) are available to extend your coverage for a total of up to 5 years. If, while your machine is under warranty, you experience a problem with your machine, your warranty will cover the replacement and installation of any non-wearable parts deemed to be the result of defective materials or workmanship. See more information here.

Tips & Tricks

The following information is provided to demonstrate proper techniques when operating your DR® Power Grader.

Note: This information pertains to the most recent DR® Power Graders. Please refer to your Safety & Owner's Manual for instructions specific to your machine.

warning Warning:

Clean out the bottom of the battery holder completely before re-installing the battery. (Powered Remote models only)

Lower the grader frame completely to the ground surface when transporting on a trailer, parking on a hill, or servicing the grader.


  • Use additional weight (up to 80 lbs for Powered Remote models, 80 lbs for EZ-Dial models) in the weight tray when grading hard pack to begin scarification.
  • Remove weight when the surface material loosens or when experiencing traction difficulties.
  • Remove the weight when grading in muddy conditions or sandy soil.
  • Expect to make several passes with the DR® Power Grader to repair a roadway, depending on the condition.
  • Avoid filling pot holes filled with water, wait until the holes are dry.
  • Use the DR® Power Grader to work the edges of pot holes that are more than 4 feet wide to loosen the sides before you begin filling them.
  • Avoid large rocks, embedded ledge, cattle guards, or similar obstructions.
  • Remove rocks pulled to the surface during grading to provide a better final graded surface; They can catch under the lawn deck (for lawn tractors).
  • Once you have adequately scarified the road surface, angle the hitch upward to raise the scarifying teeth to allow the mold board to create a smooth surface.
  • Raise the scarifying teeth plate/tooth bar out of the ground before turning around or leaving the work area.
  • The mold board can be mounted with the straight edge down for basic grading or for creating smoother surfaces in finer materials. It can also be mounted with the grooved edge down for more aggressive grading or for creating grooved surfaces in finer materials.
  • To create a smoother surface in soft materials, the axle assembly can be positioned on top of the grader to prevent tire tracks.(EZ-Dial Model Only)
  • When using a lawn tractor as the tow vehicle, put the lawn mowing deck in the highest setting or remove the deck to obtain the highest ground clearance. For ease, do your spring grading before re-installing your lawn deck for the summer mowing activity.
  • When using the DR® Power Grader to prepare a seed bed, remove all large debris before grading. Use the optional drag screen to create the best finish in sand or to incorporate seed.
  • Use low gear when using an ATV as the tow vehicle - Do not exceed 5 MPH while grading.
  • The maximum speed when not grading is 10 MPH.

Safety Information

Important Safety Information regarding your DR® Power Grader.

warning Warning:

Read the Safety and Operating Manual before you use the DR® Power Grader. Become familiar with the service recommendations to ensure the best performance from your Power Grader. (Our most recent manuals are available as a PDF download.)

Safety Rules


  • Your DR® Power Grader carries prominent labels as reminders for its proper and safe use. Your Owner's Manual shows copies of all the labels that appear on the equipment. Take a moment to study them and make a note of their location on your DR® Power Grader as you assemble and before you operate the machine. Replace damaged or missing safety and information labels immediately.

Protecting yourself and others around you

Always take the following precautions when operating this grader:

  • Always wear protective goggles or safety glasses with side shields while grading to protect your eyes from possible thrown bits of dirt or gravel.
  • Wear shoes with non-slip treads when using your DR® Power Grader. If you have safety shoes, we recommend wearing them. Do not use the grader while barefoot or wearing open sandals.
  • Wear a helmet when operating an ATV.

Operating the DR® Power Grader Safely

warning Warning:

You must operate the DR® Power Grader safely. Unsafe operation can create a number of hazards for you. Always take the following precautions when operating this grader:

  • Read, understand, and follow all instructions in this manual. Be thoroughly familiar with the controls and the proper use of your grader before using.
  • Thoroughly inspect the area where your grader will be used, and remove all sticks, wire, pet supplies, or lawn toys, and any other foreign objects that you could run over. Also, note the location of stumps, large embedded rocks, and other possible hazards that you should avoid during operation.
  • Watch for traffic when operating in or near roadways. Pay extra attention when operating near public roadways.
  • When operating in a roadway, we suggest that you put out obstructions (marker cones or pails) to divert any traffic away from your work area.
  • Be aware of your surroundings when operating the DR® Power Grader, e.g. ditches, culverts, drop-offs and hills.
  • Allow only responsible individuals who are familiar with these general safety rules and operating instructions to use your DR® Power Grader. Never allow people who are unfamiliar with these instructions to use the machine.
  • Keep children and pets least 100 feet away from your work area at all times, and never allow children to operate the grader. Stop the grading action (and tow vehicle) when another person or pet approaches.
  • Do not allow people or pets to ride on the grader.
  • If you have to stop and remove any debris from the grader, always shut off the tow vehicle's engine and set the parking brake.
  • Never, under any conditions, remove, bend, cut, fit, weld, or otherwise alter standard parts on the DR® Power Grader. This includes all shields and guards. Modifications to your machine could cause personal injuries and property damage and will void your warranty.
  • While using the DR® Power Grader, do not hurry or take things for granted. When in doubt about the equipment or your surroundings, stop the machine and take the time to look things over.
  • Do not operate the machine when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication.
  • Use the machine only in daylight or good artificial light and give complete, undivided attention to the job at hand.
  • See manufacturer's instructions for proper operation and installation of accessories (if applicable). Only use accessories approved by DR® Power Equipment, Inc.
  • No list of warnings and cautions can be all-inclusive. If situations occur that are not covered by this manual, the operator must apply common sense and operate this mower in a safe manner.
  • If you are in need of assistance, please contact our Technical Support Specialists.

Safety for children and pets

Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not alert to the presence of children or pets. Children are often attracted to the tractor. Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them. Always follow these precautions:

  • Keep children and pets out of the grading area and under the watchful care of a responsible adult.
  • Be alert, stop and always turn off the tow vehicle if children or pets enter the work area.
  • Never allow children to operate the DR® Power Grader.
  • Never allow children or pets to ride on the tow vehicle or the DR® Power Grader.

Safety with electric-powered machines (Powered Remote models only)

Never overlook the hazards of electricity. Always follow these precautions:

  • Never attempt to open the motor assembly. Never attempt any electrical repairs yourself. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician or contact DR® Power Equipment for help or information.
  • Never operate your grader in the rain or wet conditions. Remember this is an electric grader.
  • Never tamper with safety devices. Regularly check their proper operation.

Additional Information and Potential Changes

DR® Power Equipment reserves the right to discontinue, change, and improve its products at any time without alert alert-info or obligation to the purchaser. The descriptions and specifications contained in this manual were in effect at printing. Equipment described within this manual may be optional. Some illustrations may not be applicable to your machine.


Regular maintenance is the way to ensure the best performance and long life of your DR® Power Grader.

Please refer to your Owner's Manual other related procedures.

warning Warning:

When performing any maintenance, you must first shut off the tow vehicle, set the parking brake and disconnect power from the battery of the DR® Power Grader by separating the fuse holder (See your Owner's Manual). Read the "General Safety Rules" in your Owner's Manual before performing any repairs or maintenance.

Procedure Before Each Use Every
25 hours
Every 50
Check the battery charge (powered remote models only) Note: For best performance fully charge the battery every three (3) months. check    
Check general condition, e.g. nuts, bolts, welds, etc. check    
Verify that all nuts and bolts are tight check    
Check condition of shear pin check    
Hose down the DR® Power Grader to keep scarifying teeth plate clean and clear of debris* Note: Do not hose down battery and electrical components on powered remote models check    
Check remote control & electrical connections (powered remote models only)   check  
Lubricate wheels as needed   check  
Remove the scarifying teeth plate and clean between the plate and frame. This will allow for proper securing of scarifying teeth plate in its set position.     check

*Do not use a power washer to hose down the grader; this may force water through the seals on the height adjusting actuator.

Note: Consider that service intervals shown to be maximum under normal operating conditions. Increase frequencies under extremely dirty or dusty conditions.

End of season and storage

The following information is provided to demonstrate proper techniques when storing your DR® Power Grader.

Note: This information pertains to the most recent power grader models. Please refer to your Safety & Owner's Manual for instructions specific to your machine.

warning Warning:

Do not use a power washer; this may force water through the seals on the height adjusting actuator (powered remote models only).

End-of-season procedure

  • Charge the battery and bring it inside to store above freezing temperatures. See your Owner's Manual.
  • Hose down the DR® Power Grader. Remove the scarifying teeth plate to clean it of debris and then replace it after cleaning the mounting surfaces.
  • Lubricate the rear wheel bearings, front wheel bearings, and the caster bearings.
  • Wipe down the DR® Power Grader to remove any moisture and dirt that may have accumulated.


DR® Power Grader 2-Year Limited Warranty - Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated in the materials that arrive with your product, DR® Power Graders are warranted for two (2) years against defects in materials or workmanship when put to ordinary and normal consumer use; ninety (90) days for any other use.

For the purposes of all the above warranties, "ordinary and normal consumer use" refers to non-commercial residential use and does not include misuse, accidents or damage due to inadequate maintenance.

DR® Power Equipment certifies that your DR® Power Grader is fit for ordinary purposes for which products of its type are used. DR® Power Equipment however, limits the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness in duration to a period of two (2) years in consumer use, ninety (90) days for any other use.

The 2-Year Limited Warranty on a DR® Power Grader starts on the date the machine ships from our factory. The 2-Year Limited Warranty is applicable only to the original owner.

The warranty holder is responsible for the performance of the required maintenance as defined by the manufacturer's owner's manuals. The warranty holder is responsible for replacement of normally wearing parts such as batteries (grader and transmitter), scarifying teeth, mold boards or shear bolts. Accessories to the machine are not covered by this warranty.

During the warranty period, the warranty holder is responsible for the machine transportation charges, if required. During the warranty period, warranty parts will be shipped by standard method at no charge to the warranty holder. Expedited shipping of warranty parts is the responsibility of the warranty holder.


DR® Power Equipment shall not be liable under any circumstances for any incidental or consequential damages or expenses of any kind, including, but not limited to, cost of equipment rentals, loss of profit, or cost of hiring services to perform tasks normally performed by your DR® Power Grader.