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  • Oil Extractor
    Take the pain out of draining oil!
    Product Summary
    Pump out your oil without messy spills. Draining oil is a breeze – just remove the oil cap or dipstick, insert the extractor tube and pump! Great for your DR® Power Equipment, autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles...just about anything that uses oil.
    You save:$5.00
  • 12 Volt Battery Charger
    1.5 Amp trickle charger
    Product Summary
    Keep your DR charged with our easy to use trickle charger for any 12 volt battery. The 12 Volt Battery Charger maximizes battery life by keeping it fully charged. Use for DR Power Equipment, tractors, autos, boats and more.
  • Electric Hoist, 220/440 lb.
    Lift heavy loads effortlessly!
    Product Summary

    The Electric Hoist allows you to lift heavy, cumbersome objects effortlessly. Lift engines out of cars, move lumber and heavy equipment, and more! Installs easily. Holds 220 lbs. when a single line is used, and 440 lbs. when a double line is used.

    You save:$93.00
  • Large Clips
    For 12 Volt Battery Charger
    Product Summary
    The 12 Volt Battery Charger comes standard with small alligator clips that work with the DR batteries. The optional Large Clips work with tractors, autos, boats and more that have larger battery terminals.
    You save:$3.00
  • Trailer Dolly
    For Maneuvering Trailers Without Help
    Product Summary
    This solidly designed dolly lets one person move and reposition trailers without hitching up.
    You save:$50.00
  • Spark Plug Tester
    Test your spark plugs safely
    Product Summary
    The easiest and safest way to see if your spark plugs need replacing! A must-have tool for anyone who does their own machine maintenance. Works on any gas engine.
    You save:$10.00
  • DR OIL 30W (32OZ)
    Product Summary

    Formulated to protect your engine, our high detergent SAE HD30 motor oil is engineered to resist thermal breakdown and provides peak performance even in warmer temperatures.

  • Folding Aluminum Ramps
    Hold up to 1,500 pounds!
    Product Summary
    Make loading and offloading your ATV, lawn tractor, UTV and other lawn equipment easy. Arched design makes loading easier and slippage isn't a problem with the mesh surface. They also fold for easy storage.
    You save:$20.00
  • Mower Jack - Pro
    Safely lift riding mowers or tractors
    Product Summary
    A safe and an easy way to lift and secure your riding mower or small tractor, for full access to undercarriage maintenance.
    You save:$150.00
  • Mower Jack Workbench
    Puts smaller projects at the right height
    Product Summary
    An easy add-on accessory for your Mower Jack EZ or PRO. Provides a safe and stable workbench for your push mower, allowing easy access to the underside for servicing and cleaning.
    You save:$81.00
  • 18 Products found

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