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  • Aluminum Mow-Ball Support for DR Trimmer Mower
    For use with the Beaver Blade
    Product Summary
    The DR Trimmer Mower comes with the nylon Mow-Ball Support. But when you're using our optional Beaver Blade attachment, it's important to always use the heavy-duty cast-Aluminum Mow-Ball Support.
  • Replacement Battery for DR Trimmer Mower
    12 Volt 5.6 Ah
    Product Summary

    Keep your electric start DR working in tip top condition. If your machine doesn't turn over quickly or if the battery no longer takes a charge, it's time for a new one. Please see below for machine compatibility.

  • 12 Volt Battery Charger
    1.5 Amp trickle charger
    Product Summary
    Keep your DR charged with our easy to use trickle charger for any 12 volt battery. The 12 Volt Battery Charger maximizes battery life by keeping it fully charged. Use for DR Power Equipment, tractors, autos, boats and more.
  • Large Clips
    For 12 Volt Battery Charger
    Product Summary
    The 12 Volt Battery Charger comes standard with small alligator clips that work with the DR batteries. The optional Large Clips work with tractors, autos, boats and more that have larger battery terminals.
    You save:$3.00
  • Premium DR Trimmer Cord
    175 mil Spiral for all gas model Trimmer Mowers
    Product Summary

    Aggressive Spiral Cutting Shape

    • Heavy-duty, long-lasting
    • Recommended for thick, off-lawn mowing
    • Available in precut pieces, economical rolls, and jumbo spools
  • Premium DR Trimmer Cord
    255 mil SawBlade for Quick-Lock
    Product Summary

    Available in:

    • Precut 13” Lengths (48)
    • 72 ft Economy Roll
  • Premium DR Trimmer Cord
    225 mil SawTooth for Quick-Lock Trimmer Head
    Product Summary

    Available in:

    • Precut 13” Lengths (48)
    • 82 ft Economy Roll
    • 324 ft Jumbo Spool
  • Premium DR Trimmer Cord
    95 mil for PULSE 62V Trimmer Mower
    Product Summary

    Designed specially for use with the DR PULSE 62V Battery-Powered Trimmer Mower. Available in:

    • Precut 11” Lengths (48)
    • 250 ft Economy Roll
  • 12" Replacement Beaver Blade
    For DR Trimmer Mower
    Product Summary

    Cut saplings up to 3" thick with your DR Trimmer Mower. This is a replacement Beaver Blade, not the full kit needed for first time users. The full kit is available here.

  • DR Trimmer Mower Accessory Value Pack
    For Current Models
    Product Summary

    Our Accessory Value Pack includes 4 customer favorites bundled at a discounted price. Having these items on hand will make using your DR Trimmer Mower even easier. Includes the Oil Extractor Pump, TrimSafe Guard, Cord Caddy and 80' Roll of 175mil (0.175") Cord / Line. See below for machine compatibility.

    You save:$10.00
  • 44 Products found

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    America's #1 Trimmer!

    America's #1 Trimmer! (1:58)

    At DR we are proud of having invented the trimmer on wheels category over 30 years ago. And since then we have continually improved our lineup to offer the very best product on the market.

    You could call me a DR Man.

    "You could call me a DR Man." (1:41)

    Music to our ears. We love hearing how the DR Trimmer Mower makes life easier for our customers. Like John who uses the DR on his 90-acre, North Carolina farm with pecan groves.

    Unique Accessories.

    Unique Accessories. (1:48)

    Add versatility with Trimmer Mower accessories available only from DR. Cut down even thicker growth and brambles, including saplings up to 3" in diameter, with our patented cutting attachments.