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  • Oil Extractor
    Take the pain out of draining oil!
    Product Summary
    Pump out your oil without messy spills. Draining oil is a breeze – just remove the oil cap or dipstick, insert the extractor tube and pump! Great for your DR® Power Equipment, autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles...just about anything that uses oil.
    You save:$5.00
  • Jimmy Hitch Starter Kit
    Hitch up FAST with the Jimmy Hitch
    Product Summary
    Convert your pin hitch to a ball hitch! The Jimmy Hitch is designed to fit lawn and garden equipment specifically and has a quick attach collar so you can switch from one towed implement to another.
    You save:$22.62
  • DR Ethanol Fuel Treatment, 24 oz
    Eliminate and prevent ethanol related issues
    Product Summary

    Eliminate the harmful effects of ethanol in your small engine. DR Ethanol Treatment breaks down water created by ethanol and cleans the fuel system.

    You save:$1.42
  • DR Motor Oil SAE HD30
    (32 oz)
    Product Summary

    Formulated to protect your engine, our high detergent SAE HD30 motor oil is engineered to resist thermal breakdown and provides peak performance even in warmer temperatures.

  • Spark Plug Tester
    Test your spark plugs safely
    Product Summary
    The easiest and safest way to see if your spark plugs need replacing! A must-have tool for anyone who does their own machine maintenance. Works on any gas engine.
    You save:$10.90
  • Jimmy Hitch 2 Ball Pack
    Hitch up FAST with the Jimmy Hitch
    Product Summary
    Two Ball Pack for the Jimmy Hitch. Jimmy Hitch Kit (sold separately) converts your pin hitch to a ball hitch and connecting your mower deck, roller, spreader or any other attachments to a lawn tractor or ATV is easy!
    You save:$13.76
  • 6 Products found

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