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Redi-Plow™ PLUS for Trucks & SUVs

Redi-Plow™ PLUS for Trucks & SUVs

The top of the line Redi-Plow!

 (13  reviews)
Sale: $1,999.99

Redi-Plow™ PLUS for Trucks & SUVs

The top of the line Redi-Plow!
 (13  reviews)
Ships in 4 to 5 Business days

Plowing has never been this easy!

Commercial snow plows for trucks are heavy, expensive, cumbersome in traffic, and they kill your gas mileage. The RediPlow for trucks is a different and better idea. It’s a home snow plow, designed with the home user in mind. It weighs just 110 lbs.—light enough for most people to handle by themselves. It can be quickly removed after use or locked into a travel position. There are no controls inside your vehicle, so operation is extremely easy. But make no mistake...this is one tough and effective plow. The blade is high strength aluminum, the quick-attach bracket is rugged steel, and it has a tough rubber edge for clean plowing. With a 7' plow width, you’ll be able to clear most driveways in just 2-3 passes!

  • Blade adjusts 3 ways - right, left, or straight ahead for efficient snow removal.
  • Box ends help gather snow (rather than spilling it out the sides)
  • Blade is rustproof, lightweight, strong aluminum.
  • Rubber edge on the bottom of the blade protects your driveway and lawn.
  • Heavy-duty frame allows blade to move up and down automatically with the terrain.

See the Redi-Plow in Action!

This model is compatible with:

  • 2009-2018 Ram 1500 (remove factory tow hooks) (w/ 4WD) (except Warlock)
  • 2019-2021 Ram 1500 (remove factory tow hooks) (w/ 4WD) (except Warlock)

Attach/Detach in Less Than a Minute

The RediPlow attaches easily to the front receiver hitch of your vehicle. We provide a custom hitch for the specific make/model of your truck or SUV. Installation takes between 30-60 minutes. After that, the RediPlow can be attached or removed in less than a minute.

Blade Angles in 3 Postions

The RediPlow can easily be angled to plow straight ahead, to the left or to the right -- for maximum flexibility in plowing your driveway.

Clears Your Driveway, Protects Your Lawn

The 1" thick rubber scraper blade attached to the bottom of the RediPlow clears your driveway cleanly, and it won'tdamage your turf if you have to push snow onto your lawn. The guard becomes more rigid in colder temperatures, when ice and hard snow demand a stronger, more rigid blade.

Enclosed Box Ends for Neater Plowing

The flexible box ends contain the snow, and prevent it from spilling around the sides of the plow. This feature makes for a much cleaner job and saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent going over your driveway a second time to collect spilled snow.

No Lights Needed

The brackets and plows on big commercial rigs almost always obscure your headlights, requiring the expense of auxiliary lights. The RediPlow is designed so that it does not block your headlights in either its plowing or transport positions.

Secure (but Quick) "Travel" Position

Our unique "Redi-Pins" are used to secure the plow in either its plowing or travel position. These pins are designed to operate easily, even in wet, freezing conditions — without having to remove your gloves!

Bed Height 0
Shipping Weight 215 lbs
Blade Length 82 in
Overall Length 84 in
Blade Height 18 in
Blade Angles 3 Positions - Straight, 19 degrees left or right
Blade Material Anodized 6063 T6 Aluminum
Scraper Thickness 0.88 in
Weight of Blade 114 lbs
Rubber End Caps Yes
Blade Markers Yes


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