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Log Splitters & Wood Cutting

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DR Log Splitters
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  • 38cc Husqvarna 16" Chainsaw
    Pruning and limbing has never been so easy!
    Product Summary
    This powerful Husqvarna chainsaw won't let you down. Ergonomic design, powerful X-Torq® engine, Smart Start® technology, and a low emissions rating make it ideal for tree pruning, cutting firewood, and keeping your property looking its best.
    You save:$40.00
  • 14" PowerSharp Starter Kit
    For Husqvarna, Echo, Tanaka, Homelite & Redmax
    Product Summary
    Takes only seconds and gives a precise sharpening. The 14" PowerSharp Starter Kit can be used with Husqvarna, Echo, Tanaka, Homelite and Redmax. It includes an easy-to-sharpen chain, bar, and a bar mount sharpener. For use with a 3/8" low profile bar (included).
    You save:$18.00
  • Steel Work Table
    For Pro and Pro-XL RapidFire Log Splitters
    Product Summary

    For splitters manufactured from September 2013— November 2015 - Save your back and your time by keeping logs within comfortable reach. Easily reposition those heavy, cumbersome logs that need to be split several times, then slide them off the flared end of the work table when you're through with them.

    You save:$100.00
  • Maintenance Kit
    For the 5.5 Pro RapidFire Log Splitter
    Product Summary
    Make sure you have parts on hand for when you need them! Keep your DR Pro RapidFire Log Splitter in top condition with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Kit includes all the necessary maintenance items for your machine.
  • Maintenance Kit
    For 6HP Pro RapidFire Log Splitter w/ Subaru Engine
    Product Summary
    Make sure you have parts on hand for when you need them! Keep your DR Pro 6 HP Subaru RapidFire Log Splitter in top condition with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Kit includes all the necessary maintenance items for your machine.
  • Road Towing Kit for DR Dual-Action Log Splitter
    For gas and electric models
    Product Summary
    Make the 10 or 15 Ton DR Dual-Action Log Splitter ready for any job -- anywhere! Add the Road Towing Kit for safe and easy transport on public roads at up to 45 miles per hour.
    You save:$10.00
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
    Charge your lithium battery in just 30 minutes!
    Product Summary
    Your Lithium-Ion battery will be fully charged within 30 minutes using this charger. If you have two batteries in your rotation, charge one while you work and never loose a step.
    You save:$10.00
  • Large Spring Loaded Swivel Log Skidding Tongs
    Easy log skidding!
    Product Summary
    Spring loaded log skidding tongs dig into the log for a secure grip. Swivel hook keeps the chain from binding and the log turning. Holds up to a 28 inch diameter log.
    You save:$10.00
  • Tow Ball Kit
    For RapidFire Log Splitter & All-Terrain Trimmer/Mower
    Product Summary
    Convert your DR machine to a ball hitch from a pin hitch for added portability. Allows you to tow your RapidFire Log Splitter or All-Terrain Trimmer/Mower on most public roads, getting you to any job site.
    You save:$5.00
  • Maintenance Kit
    For current Pro-XL 6 HP RapidFire Log Splitter
    Product Summary
    Make sure you have parts on hand for when you need them! Keep your DR RapidFire Log Splitter in top condition with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Kit includes all the necessary maintenance items for your machine.
  • 60 Products found

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    How does a flywheel splitter work?

    How does a flywheel
    splitter work? (1:28)

    Split tough logs!

    Split tough logs! (3:33)

    World's FASTEST log splitter

    World's FASTEST log splitter (1:32)

    Big logs? Horizontal/Vertical versatility!

    Big logs? Horizontal/Vertical
    versatility! (1:35)

    Popular Questions

    What is the difference between a flywheel log splitter and a hydraulic log splitter?

    In a hydraulic log splitter, a hydraulic pump pushes oil into a hydraulic cylinder which slowly pushes the splitting ram through a log. Hydraulic machines rely on an even, sustained force that is incredibly powerful, but is not designed for speed.

    Flywheel log splitters are designed to maximize the splitting force by increasing the splitting ram's speed. With flywheel models (sometimes called kinetic splitters), the engine turns either one or two massive (up to 75 lbs!) flywheels.

    What kinds of wood can the DR RapidFire Flywheel Splitter split? Can it handle hardwoods?

    A flywheel log splitter can handle all the same tough hardwoods that a hydraulic splitter can. The kinetic flywheel system magnifies and concentrates the energy from the engine, so the splitting power you experience equates to that of a 22-, 28-, or even 34-ton hydraulic unit. The DR K22 Premier RapidFire models are ideal for medium- to high-density woods, such as ash or maple. For the toughest hardwoods - elm, oak, hickory, etc. - we recommend the DR K28 or DR K34 RapidFire models.

    Should I choose a gas or electric log splitter?

    This depends on your preferences, as each has its pros and cons. Electric log splitters are great for splitting indoors, such as in a barn, garage, or enclosed porch, and can be used with an extension cord if you want to work further away from your power source. They require almost no maintenance. On the other hand, gas-powered splitters have a bit more power and can be used anywhere on your property. They require some routine maintenance (oil changes, fuel refills, etc.), and must be used outdoors.

    How can the K10 split most of what the bigger models do?

    Granted, it's compact, but the K10 model is a tough piece of equipment and, at least when it comes to straight-grained woods, it will split 90% of what the bigger units do. As you buy up the power chain, you are adding the ability to deal with increasingly twisted, wetter (and stringier), or larger rounds that may require additional muscle. But for many users the K10 has ample power, and it comes with the convenience of clean, electric power and indoor/outdoor use.


    DR Wood Splitter Reviews

    DR Wood Splitter Reviews

    Splits Great!

    "Just got my splitter yesterday. I put it together in about 15 mins this morning. It started on the second pull and ran great. I was scared that this little thing would not have the power to split some of my larger logs. So far it has worked great. I have split Pine, Elm and Ash with no kickbacks and nothing that would stop the ram. I was very nervous about getting this splitter thinking it would not have the power. But it works great."

    5 Star Review - Daniel R., Livonia, MI
    about the K22 RapidFire Model

    Glad I bought it

    "I am totally impressed with the speed and power. I've split over 6 cord with it and yet to have a problem. I had my doubts and delayed my purchase, but these will make old style spliters obsolete."

    5 Star Review - AL, FREELAND, MI
    about the Premier K22 RapidFire Model

    Makes a winter chore, ahem - fun

    "The best part of chopping wood, for me at least, is getting out of the house, leaving the noise, and holding that cup of coffee in the cold air. The down side is that is takes forever. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this kind of investment - but after the video I had to give it a shot. We will burn 8 cord and, yeah sure, anything that speed it up would be nice. But this thing is actually fun to use! I was a little surprised to be honest. The machine itself seems to be pretty rugged, but I will say the paint on the wedge started to come off almost immediately. But thats to be expected I suppose. I am just picky that way. Overall, great machine."

    5 Star Review - LumberGeorge, Missoula, MT
    about the Pro K28 RapidFire Model

    great splitter!

    "Wow!! Great splitter. So far I am very pleased with the splitter. I have only split few rank so far and this machine works wonderfully. I also purchased the 4-way wedge adapter. Really makes fast work on splitting. When I first purchased the splitter they said it was back ordered for 5 weeks. But that was not the case. The unit arrived at my house within two and a half weeks of ordering! I have used many other splitters and this one really surpassed my expectations. It is built like a rock and has enough power to make fast work of all types of wood."

    5 Star Review - DARIN J., JACKSON, MO
    about the 34 ton Horizontal-Vertical Model

    I was skeptical...

    "I'll admit I was skeptical of this small, inexpensive log splitter, but I read the reviews and watched the video until I bought it. It arrived quickly and the assembly took 5 minutes. I split oak (lots of it), heavy almond and little bit of pine. All split in less than two seconds. It is EASY and QUICK. Great machine!"

    5 Star Review - Mark M., Tehachapi CA
    about the K10 RapidFire Model