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Leaf Vac Overview

Leaf Vac Overview (2:06)

It's Not Just for Leaves!

It's Not Just for Leaves! (1:31)

Leaf Vac Storage

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DR Walk-Behind Leaf Vac

DR Walk-Behind Leaf Vac (1:06)

How to Choose the Best Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

How to Choose the Best Leaf and Lawn Vacuum.

Let face it. Raking is drudgery. It takes a long time…seemingly forever! It's hardly a skill that you can take pride in. And oftentimes wind or rain will thwart your best efforts. So it's no surprise that Leaf Vacuums are growing in popularity.

But how do you choose among the available options out there? Start by looking at your lawn mower. Many people—maybe you're one of them—rake their leaves into a big pile, then run them over repeatedly with their mower.

Getting those mulched leaves off your lawn is another story. With a walk-behind mower, you can use a bagger…but you'll fill it up in no time at all. Then you spend all your time traipsing back and forth between your mower and a dump pile. More drudgery.

But if you use a riding lawn mower, you can accomplish all of your leaf pickup as you mow your lawn—and with virtually no extra labor. The answer is a DR Tow-Behind Leaf and Lawn Vacuum. The DR takes the discharge from under you mowing deck—leaves, grass clippings, pine cones, twigs, and more—and channels it into a spinning steel impeller. The Shark Tooth impeller, so named for its jagged-edged ribs, shred the materials again before depositing them in a large collector.

Unloading is easy…just drive to your chosen spot, and dump up to 315 gallons at a time. It's fast and easy. Below you'll find a comparison of the available DR models.

Any of these machines will make leaf cleanup faster and easier than you ever imagined possible. But there are some bonus aspects to the product that make it much more versatile than any other product on the market. Afterall, if you only use it once a year, it will be hard to justify the purchase.

First, in the springtime you are likely to have a messy yard. Sticks and branches, matted leaves (especially if you didn't vacuum them up in the fall), windblown materials…even droppings from four-footed visitors. The DR does a great job cleaning it all up—power raking it—and bringing your yard back to life.

In summer, for you normal lawn mowing routine, you can hook up the DR and use it as a high-capacity bagger.

And here's the kicker that you'll really come to appreciate: The cloth leaf collection container removes quickly and collapses to a compact bundle. The engine rolls away on its own built in trolley. And what remains is a utility trailer that you can use for hauling all sorts of materials around your property: fertilizer, feed bags, lumber, building materials, tools, you name it.

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum is no one-trick pony. It will earn its keep year-round.






200 Gallon

315 Gallon


9.59 ft lbs torque.

13.28 ft lbs
(310 cc)



Unfasten a few buckle closures, release the lock down in front of the trailer and lift.

Clamshell design and lift-assisting gas shocks enable 1-hand unloading. No straps or buckles. Just lift


400 lb capacity flatbed trailer.

500 lb capacity utility cart/ trailer.

800 lb capacity utility cart/trailer.


Leaf collectors collapse to a flat bundle for storage (5" thick)

Popular Questions

What materials can the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum vacuum up?

The DR Leaf Vac picks up almost any sort of lawn debris that sits on top of the grass, including leaves, twigs, acorns, nuts, pine cones...even animal droppings. Because of their remarkable vacuum power, there is little these machines cannot handle. Of course, any vacuum would struggle with materials that are embedded in the turf - such as nuts that have been walked on or driven over - and extremely wet, matted leaves. For best results, vacuum when conditions are dry. The most challenging conditions are usually found in the spring...and if you vacuum the lawn well in the fall you will prevent the worst conditions from happening!

I don't want a machine I only use once a year. Are there other uses for it?

Yes! We know people have limited storage space and we designed the DR for year-round versatility. Of course, leaf collection is the primary use. But your DR Leaf Vacuum converts to a heavy-duty utility trailer with a capacity of up to 800 lbs (depending on the model). Use it to transport firewood and other bulky items. In the spring, vacuum up the debris that winter has left behind. And in the summer, the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum can be used as a high-capacity bagger for your riding lawn mower. Plus, the utility trailer is great for hauling topsoil, tools, and other essentials for all your summer projects.

It looks bulky. How hard is it to break down for storage?

These machines do have some bulk...otherwise they wouldn't have such high capacity. But you can break them down, and doing so is quick and easy. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, and requires no tools. The collector top folds down to just 5 inches thick, and the power unit is easily detached and rolled away. Tilt the utility cart up against a wall for storage, or keep it in use all year for hauling cumbersome items.

Why is the DR Leaf Vac #1 in Vacuum Power? What's different about it?

The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum line achieves maximum vacuum power with three key design features. First, we start with the most powerful engines available on any consumer leaf vacuuming system. With as much as 16.96 ft/lbs. of torque (Pro-XL model), they are commercial-grade and built to last. Second, the massive Shark-TeethTM impeller draws in air, creating immense suction as it shreds collected material to a fraction of its original volume. And third, the system is designed with an anti-clog airpath. Airflow is the key to successful suction, and DR Leaf Vacuums use an 8" diameter vacuum hose system?small enough to maximize suction, but large enough to prevent blockages?and a mesh top on the collector, allowing air to escape, while trapping debris.


DR Leaf Vac Reviews

DR Leaf Vac Reviews

Very Pleased

"I have used the DR for about 8 hours now and I think it's great. I have a slopping yard with over 40 trees 30 being oak. I have used it with the mower and the hose attachment either way it works. This is so much easier than raking and bagging. The DR is small enough to get around trees and flower beds. The DR is very easy to dump,unless you over fill it, then you have to work a little harder. I have taken the DR apart to haul it to my Moms to do her leaves it is very simple. I would recommend it to anyone."

5 Star Review - JOHN C. from MARSHFIELD, MO
about the 9.59 Premier, Tow-Behind

best buy ever

"The dr leaf vac has made my fall more enjoyable the i can remember. NO leaf raking. It's been great. "

5 Star Review - J F. from Fredericktown, OH
about the 19.96 Pro-XL, Tow-Behind

Best ever vacuum

"When I picked up the DR and got it home it came in perfect condition. I put it all together which took a while but it went well. I put in the oil and gassed it up and it started right up. I hooked everything up to my lawn tractor and the way I went. The DR worked perfectly. I did not have any problems with what so ever. It is a very good machine. I would recommend it very highly to any one. It saved me hours of raking. I have a 1.75 acre lot with 50 trees with oak and maple. I used the DR three times to vacuum them all up. The DR saved me days of raking. Thank you for making such a great product."

5 Star Review - Frank K. from NEW LONDON, WI
about the 13.28 Pro, Tow-Behind

leaf vacuum

"It is everything the literature said. It dumps easily, which you don't have to do very often because of its holding capacity. My wife was worried she would have a hard time operating it but it hasn't been a problem with electric start. Great machine!!"

5 Star Review - Alvin D. from DEMOTTE, IN
about the 13.28 Pro, Tow-Behind

Great machine that reduce workload and saves time and effort.

"This is my second DR lawn. I purchased the elec start self propelled to use in places too tight for my tow behind. I ended up not using the bigger machine at all this year due to the ease of use of this lawn vac. Great machine with great support!"

5 Star Review - Northtwo from Wisconsin
about the 11.50 Premier, Self-Propelled