Field & Brush Mowers

Results 1 - 10 (of 56)

Results 1 - 10 (of 56)


Walk-Behind Models (1:43)

Pure field and brush mowing muscle! Take out thick field grass and brush, including saplings up to 3" thick. World class engines up to 20HP.

Quick Change Attachments (2:20)

Turn your Field and Brush Mower into a year-round workhorse with 4 optional attachments: Finish Lawn Mower, Snow Thrower, Chipper, Grader/Snow Blade.

Tow-Behind Models (1:06)

Hook up to your ATV or riding mower for fast, 44"-wide open area mowing. Premium engines up to 20HP, available with electric starting.

Tough Product Testing (1:35)

DR products are tested in the toughest conditions we can find. Our tow-behind brush mowers cut their teeth on 8'-high Hawaiian cane grass.



Pivoting Deck

It's like independent suspension-the deck follows the contours of uneven terrain so you don't have to manhandle the mower. Just follow along with "soft hands" and a big grin as the DR tears through your toughest growth!

Big Engines

There's no substitute for raw power. With engines up to 20 HP, these machines have what it takes to handle the kind of gnarly brambles that take over after years without mowing.

Gear-Driven Transmission

The DR's geared transmission gives you 4 forward speeds, so you can easily match its pace to yours. Superior to hydrostatic drive for field mowing and much easier to maintain!


Ride in Comfort

Tow with your ATV, UTV, or Lawn Tractor for fast, efficient clearing of fields and meadows. With a 44" cut you mow up to two acres per hour!

Remote Control

Easy to use remote lets you control the throttle, engine, and mowing blade from your towing vehicle.

Offset Mowing

Quickly offset the mowing deck to the right or left so you can drive in the clear without flattening the grass. Or tow directly behind in tighter spaces.


DR® Field And Brush Mower Reviews

"Too good to be true? Not the DR Brush Cutter. We got ours ten years ago when we first started clearing part of our 30 acres for our bed and breakfast. It has done everything we hoped for and more - we're still impressed with how much it gets done in return for relatively little work from us, from initial clearing to ongoing grounds maintenance. We highly recommend the DR to anybody with brush and other heavy cutting needs."

— BnBRobin, Idaho

"My DR Field & Brush Mower turns heads each time I use it. The pivoting mowing deck allows the machine to glide almost effortlessly. With five forward speeds and one reverse there's no sore back or strained muscles when the job is done. Truly the absolute best power tool I've ever owned. The DR Field & Brush Mower does exactly what the ads say it'll do. And it does it safely and efficiently."

— StaticMan, SC

"The DR mower has been a godsend for clearing my overgrown 56 acres. It can cut down small trees and mulch them up along with high brush and grass. I was skeptical when I first saw the ad for a DR. It has exceeded all that was stated. A tractor can't get around trees and rough terrain like the DR. Thank you DR for making my life easier!"

— Thomasson

"The DR mower is a great multi-tasker. It cuts through tall grass, saplings, and blackberry bushes like a pro. It does the job of multiple machines. It was my first larger machine investment when I purchased it almost 7 acres four years ago. Our new house is near completion and I am now awaiting delivery of a DR Power Wagon to help with landscaping. That's how much I like DR products!"

— NJB1944, Washington

"We have used our DR brush mower on the farm since 1999 and it has been used on the the toughest and roughest weeds and brush on the farm and never failed. it is dependable enough, powerful enough, and maneuverable enough to do every job. It works well on hilly terrain with small saplings and equally well in wet, swampy areas. As long as it has firm enough ground to support it, this mower can do the job. I would hate to think of running the farm without one."

— jimbobfarm, Alabama