DR Towable Backhoe

DR Towable Backhoe

Powerful & Portable Digging

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DR Towable Backhoe

Powerful & Portable Digging


Dig trenches, plant trees, take on landscaping projects, and more with our DR Towable Backhoe. The hydraulic power system is self-contained for use anywhere, on your toughest jobs. For use with ATV or UTV.

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The 14.5 FPT DR Towable Backhoe has power to spare for trenching, landscaping, stump removal, heavy lifting and more. Designed especially for the most demanding digging tasks, this machine is self-powered with its own hydraulic system, so there's no fussing with a 3-point hitch or hydraulic connections.

Versatile design allows you to attach the machine to your truck, ATV, UTV, or tractor and tow to virtually any location at up to 45 mph. Plus, use it freestanding for maximum maneuverability, or while attached to your towing vehicle for even better torque. The wide stance stabilizer system provides a solid anchorage to the ground, and the unique foot design allows for easy repositioning. High-performance Briggs & Stratton engine is up to any tough task!

Comes standard with:  
  • 12" digging bucket  
Warranty Coverage:  
  • Machine: 2 years residential; 90 day commercial
Please call toll-free 1-800-687-6575 with any questions.
DR Towable Backhoe. Pull-behind pickup truck, atv, utv or garden tractor.
Unmatched Portability
Tows Wherever You Need it

The DR Towable Backhoe hitches to your pickup truck with a common 2" ball hitch. You can also take it off-road with your ATV, UTV, or lawn tractor, allowing you to get to places a farm tractor couldn't go easily or safely. Tires are DOT certified at up to 45 mph.

DR Towable Backhoe. Use it with or without a tow vehicle
Flexible Design
Use it with or without a tow vehicle

The DR Backhoe is designed for digging attached to your tow vehicle or free-standing. Working unhitched, for lighter jobs, gives you maximum maneuverability, and means you don't have to tie up your tow vehicle if it's needed for other purposes. For ripping or lifting, you should leave the tow vehicle attached to provide extra anchorage.

Wide stance stabilizer system on a DR Towable Backhoe
Wide Stance Stabilizer System
Multiple legs provide a safe operating position

Wide stance stabilizer system provides maximum holdback to counter digging force and provide solid platform. Unique foot design enables you to reposition the unit, using the bucket, but resists unintentional "crawl." Front stabilizer legs have 3 positions for modifying working height. Rear stabilizer feet skid backward easily but resist forwardsliding.

High performance engine on a DR Towable Backhoe
Briggs & Stratton Professional Series Engine
The power, performance and durability of Briggs & Stratton® engines are legendary.

The DR Backhoe uses an easy-starting 14.5 FPT (306cc) XR Professional Series engine with overhead valve and a cast iron cylinder sleeve for long life.

Valve Control levers on a DR Towable Backhoe
Valve Control Levers
Operation is simple and easy to learn

The DR Backhoe's controls are simple and intuitive, allowing you to become a proficient operator with just a little practice. Each lever controls one action: 1) the up-down action of the boom (or "upper arm"); 2) the side-to-side action of the boom; 3) the up-down action of the crowd (or "lower arm"); 4) the curl of the bucket.

Dual filtration system on a DR Towable Backhoe
Dual Filtration System
Clean fluid ensures less maintenance, better performance

Clean hydraulic fluid is essential to any machine powered by hydraulics. With the DR Backhoe, the hydraulic fluid is cleaned twice. First, by the Tank Mounted Strainer (left) and second by the Hydraulic Filter (right).



Digging Depth 6' 4.5"
Reach 8' 8.5"
Swing Arc 128 degrees
Digging Force 1,950 lbs
Breakout Force 1,950 lbs


Length 115"
Width 64"
Height 71"
Weight 940 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 96" L X 69" W X 68" H
Shipping Weight 960 lbs.


Make Briggs & Stratton
Starting Type Manual
Ft Lbs Torque 14.5
Displacement 306 cc
Engine Type OHV
Oil Capacity 37oz
Lubrication Splash
Oil Type SAE 30W HD
Cooling Methods Air Cooled

Fuel System

Fuel Capacity 0.8 Gallons


Reservoir 8.5 gal
Hydraulic Pressure 2,500 PSI
Hydraulic Flow 2.6 GPM @ 3,200 RPM


Max Lift Capacity Up to 612 lbs
Bucket Rotation 148 degrees
Loading Height 57.6"
Loading Reach 38.4"


Machine Warranty 2 years residential; 90 day commercial
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Posted by: Zogail S. from BEN FRANKLIN, TX on 07/11/2018
Rating: Product Review Stars: 2.00 star rating
Operated fine except takes a long time to get project accomplished with this unit. EX. took over 8 hours to do a trench 6 wide by 6 deep by 35' long. Very tiring and time consuming having to manually raise and lower front stabilizers every time you move the machine. Do not feel it accomplishes enough to be worth the price. Returning under the 6 month trial program and cutting my losses. Going to purchase a backhoe attachment for my tractor instead. Will cost more money but will be more functional, faster time accomplishing a project and not as manually tiring. Have purchased other DR Power Equipment and been very please with them for what they did and the price point was good, BUT NOT ON THIS ITEM.
17 people found this review helpful.
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Doable Backhoe
Posted by: MICHAEL W. from BOONVILLE, IN on 06/26/2018
Rating: Product Review Stars: 4.00 star rating
Very pleased with the product so far the shipping company damaged the unit and Dr immediately replaced the damaged parts. Have approximately 16 hours on the unit with no problems and works as expected, would definitely recommend purchase to a friend! The only complaint I have is that if the unit gets too far out of level it will leak hydraulic fluid from the cap, however the unit is very capable and has exceeded my expectations on power! Our property is filled with sandstone and slate some pieces weighing over three hundred pounds and the unit has been able to pull them out with no issues could never do this with a pick and shovel!
6 people found this review helpful.
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Very capable little machine
Posted by: Roger W. from Sedalia, CO on 09/02/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
Overall I am very satisfied with the DR Backhoe. I live in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and I purchased this unit to dig an maintain drainage ditches on the steep half mile private dirt road to my house as well as various digging projects around the house including a small pond. So far it has worked as advertised. Pros: 1. Ample power for digging even in hard pack and rocky soil. I was impressed with the overall ripping and lifting capability. I am digging in very hard, sandy and rocky soil composed of granite and shale. 2. Well built and strong construction. (Some welds could be better) 3. Reasonable price 4. Simple maintenance with plenty of grease ports and dual hydraulic filtration 5. Reliable and fuel efficient B&S motor with plenty of power to run the hydraulic pump and arm even when throttled down 6. Hydraulic lines are well protected and laid out 7. Controls are responsive and precise Cons: 1. Location of the engine exhaust port is problematic as it directs exhaust fumes toward the operator 2. Rear stabilizers quickly dig in and are unable to slide when unit is knuckled 3. Unit is best left attached to a vehicle. The bigger and heavier the better because the strength of the hydraulics is significant and will easily toss around the unit 4. Stabilizers are tedious to deploy on uneven ground. I live in the mountains and mostly dig on a grade or uneven surfaces - the 3 holes provided to configure the stabilizers are somewhat limiting. It takes quite a bit of planning and time to get situated. Hydraulic stabilizers would be much more efficient. 5. Hydraulic cap leaks slightly when the unit is operated on a slope 6. Having an area to properly mount a trailer jack would be useful
64 people found this review helpful.
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Good Machine
Posted by: ROBERT M. from Grand Prairie, TX on 08/29/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
Backhoe has more power than I expected, lightweight on hitch makes easy hook up to your tow unit.I added weight to my while digging which does help.Over all this is a good little backhoe,I wish they had a two lever joystick with hydraulic outriggers!
20 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Grate little michin
Posted by: JOHN C. from HARRIET, AR on 08/24/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 4.00 star rating
I live in North central Arkansas we have a lot of rocky clay. One thing that you need to keep in mind and it goes with all the small michins there is only so much they can do. That being said it works very well around here. Beats the crap out of a pick and shovel. There are some things about it i will be fixing. The most important thing is the out rigers need to be hydraulic and I have a idea about the weigh well lack of weigh on the hich side. The out rigers is the only thing that made me only give 4 . If you're looking to get one i recommend it.
25 people found this review helpful.
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somewhat happy
Posted by: STEPHEN C. from Wilmot, NH on 08/08/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 3.00 star rating
after waiting nearly 2 months for this machine after being told it would ship in 10 to 15 business days, it arrived. it broke down when i first used it, had to wait for parts to be shipped, some of which did did not fit the machine at all, i got it to work.fortunately it is under warranty, since i'm not sure if the replacement parts will hold up. if they do, i'll be happy with the machine. i'm a bit disappointed with DR and it's a shame, since past products of their's have been very good.
43 people found this review helpful.
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The Little Hoe That Could
Posted by: Daniel K. from Golden, MO on 07/27/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
I have had this for a little over one week now. I have ripped out 2 tree stumps that have caused a lot of cost in mower damage. I have also used it to rip out numerous trees. It may not be as rugged as a full fledged tractor mounted backhoe, but, it is sturdy enough to get the job done. I have yet to dig a hole or trench with it but I am confident that this little guy will be able to get the job done. If there are any regrets it is that I can't stretch my legs out. The seating quarters are pretty tight. This one is definitely a keeper.
21 people found this review helpful.
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Built like a tank
Posted by: Richard B. from Watervliet, NY on 05/17/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
Very happy with this machine, they didn't cut corners building it. You can't compare this machine with the HF pos.dr is built like a tank
13 people found this review helpful.
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Great Tool
Posted by: Debra S. from NORWALK, IA on 05/10/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
This is a great tool and works great
7 people found this review helpful.
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Towable Backhoe
Posted by: Jenimy W. from Mount Ida, AR on 12/08/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
Awesome piece of equipment!! Very heavy duty construction, one might even say overbuilt. If your an equipment operator and use to "joystick" operator controls, it will take a little practice to adjust to the 4 control levers. I wasn't so sure about the tire size and pulling it down the road. I'd prefer a larger size tire/wheel. However, a larger size tire can't be utilized due to the clearance between the tires and the forward stabilizers. Had a couple of issues during shipping, on the receiving end, but a quick call to Customer Service and everything was fixed up. Great folks there in Customer Service. Over all this is a great little piece of equipment and at a fraction of the cost to adding an attachment to the back of your tractor. Some might feel that maneuverability is an issue but I just attach it to my John Deere Gator and there is no place I can't go!
31 people found this review helpful.
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Posted by: robert l. from berne, NY on 11/01/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
30 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Great tool for homeowner with projects to do
Posted by: Charles K. from STRATFORD, CT on 07/20/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
I purchased a reconditioned model. The machine itself is solidly built and I put a hitch onto my JD garden tractor to move it around the yard. My Suburban hitch makes it a breeze to tow off site. Being reconditioned, I did have some issues that were resolved: a leaky fuel bowl gasket, scratches during shipment and the strapping to hold the bucket up broke upon pickup at depot; the depot guy was nice enough to give me cloth strap so I could get it home. So DR needs, in my opinion, to pack it up a little better, and please test run the engine (would have revealed the big leak in fuel bowl gasket). They did send me touch up paint and a maintenance kit as comp for my troubles. This unit is constructed FAR better than the HF clone with good American made craftsmanship and steel. One last little annoyance: the Recon model shows the towing package installed yet was not included in the price, and they did not honor my inquiry on that. I plan to use this for 5-6 jobs around the house and then sell it, as I am just a homeowner, but renting something similar is hundreds per week and puts you on a deadline. Thanks DR, I enjoy your email ads and catalogs too. PS: I later bought a 9" bucket, tarp and a ripping tooth. All are great. Charles in CT.
Response from DR SupportThank you for letting us know about the issues you experienced. As a reconditioned unit, it should leave the building in like new condition. I apologize that it was not. I am glad to hear we were able to help rectify the situation and that you are enjoying the Backhoe around your property!
34 people found this review helpful.
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little machine big machine power
Posted by: randy l. from russell, PA on 06/18/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
we use this every other weekend i am a over the road truck driver and dont get the time to o every that needs to be done i haul heavy equipment and have ran it most of my life so far 2ponds cleaned a 200 foot ditch dug and the best one is a railroad tie wall/flower & rock garden for my wife this little machine dose everything a big machine can just at a little slower pace two thumbs up five stars just awsome pictures of the big project will be on dr. powers facebook page
24 people found this review helpful.
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Posted by: DONALD S. from ELK CITY, OK on 06/13/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 4.00 star rating
Nice little backhoe. For sure better on my back then a shovel. One hydrolic piston leaking. One phone call made and new piston sent to replace.
29 people found this review helpful.
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Backhoe use
Posted by: Kenneth G. from Hohenwald, TN on 02/28/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 4.00 star rating
This is a good unit for smaller jobs. I have used it for trenching & laying tile, removing small stumps, working on fence line plus many other projects. Works good and plenty of power. Only one small problem, sometimes it's hard to get into different angles and on hills to keep the unit level. All & all it is a very good unit.
23 people found this review helpful.
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Posted by: RICHARD C. from HARRISON, MI on 01/06/2016
Rating: Product Review Stars: 4.00 star rating
Seems good haven't used it a lot I used the ripper tooth on roots works pretty good wish it had a little more power
16 people found this review helpful.
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Outstanding machine
Posted by: HARLESS M. from MCMINNVILLE, OR on 08/18/2015
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
When I picked this machine up in Portland, Or. at the ABF Trucking docks I was surprised that it was fully assembled. Once I got it to the ranch all I had to ad was the fenders and lighting package which makes it road tow able. This machine is built like a tank and the 14 1/2 hp engine gives it more than enough power. Within three days of having it here I have dug out two springs, set the tanks and have them both running water for the cattle. That is saying something since we are in an extended drought and my other spring was slowing down and having a hard time keeping up. The pressure is off. I have more than enough water for all of the animals. The ground that I dug with this machine ranged from extremely dry hard pack to absolute clay. I am 71 and have some health issues that wouldn't allow me to dig these springs out by hand. I am extremely pleased
32 people found this review helpful.
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Product Q&A
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Q.How deep will it dig trench?
A.The digging depth of the 14.5 fpt Towable Backhoe is 6' 4.5".
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Posted by: Carl Petersen from Troy , MT on 4/19/2016
Q.If I order this with the lights and fenders will it be ready to hook up to my car and tow home from the truck depot.
A.The road towing kit, including the lights and fenders, will not be factory installed. Not all states require them. I would recommend checking with you local DMV to see if they are required in your state. The Towable Backhoe will come to the depot ready to tow home, but it will not have the lights and fenders.
19 people found this answer helpful.
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Posted by: David Niedziela from Cobleskill , NY on 4/18/2016
Q.What is the depth capacity? Will it dig a four foot trench footing?
A.Thank you for your interest in the Towable Backhoe. The digging depth is 6 ½ feet. You will have no problem digging a 4 ½ foot trench. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with.
17 people found this answer helpful.
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Posted by: Ken Teichmann from LAWRENCE , KS on 6/26/2016
Q.Do I have to supply the oil for startup?
A.We do not ship our machines with any fluids. We do have a great maintenance kit available for the 14.5 fpt Backhoe. . It will not only include two 32 oz bottles of 30w oil, but also a spare spark plug, air filter, spark plug gapping tool, spark plug wrench, and 2 oz of DR ethanol fuel treatment. This kit is on sale for $69.99.
15 people found this answer helpful.
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Posted by: Anonymous from Saint Stephen , SC on 4/9/2016
Q.What is the lifting limits in the arm . I see one set up as a small crane once and we would be using it to dig holes for gate operator pads key pad pads Ballard's and support posts for automated gates would like to know if it can also lift gates for us
A.Hello, thank you for your question regarding the Towable Backhoe. The Towable Backhoe has a lifting capacity of 612lbs. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
14 people found this answer helpful.
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Posted by: Denis Carmody from Punta Gorda , FL on 6/22/2016


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