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DR Power Equipment Reviews!

DR Reviews

DR Owner, Bob (2:18)

Bob lives in Ava, Missouri and is the owner of a DR Field and Brush Mower. He uses his walk-behind brush mower for rocky fields with lots of uneven terrain and for clearing land around his house.

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June 14, 2019 by Patti (MI, United States)
“I am thrilled to be purchasing the premier! I have been wanting another DR trimmer mower for nearly 20 years now! I cannot wait till it arrives and then.....unwanted weeds and long grass watch out!!”
June 14, 2019 by ELEH (United States)
“I ordered a snowblower from DR's website that was very informative and easy to use. The whole process was very smooth from ordering through delivery. The package and pallet arrived in good condition and timely as promised. The machine looks like it will be a strong performer, no snow now in N. Y. in mid June. will know more on this come Nov. or Dec.”
June 12, 2019 by Joyce (CO, United States)
“the shopping experience was great, however the delivery of the product (the trailer) was and continues to be a nightmare. Had I known how much trouble I would have and how many days I have lost due to the inability to deliver of the trailer I would not do it again.
I was called on 6/3 to schedule delivery 6/6. They didn't deliver and didn't call. Then I got an email that they couldn't locate my freight. I called the 6/7 to work out another delivery, 6/11. I had afternoon appointments so requested delivery before 2. They said no problem. it didn't show up by 2. I got on line and checked and without telling me the set delivery noon - 6pm. the driver showed up at 6 however even though I paid for tail gate delivery to the ground, and they knew it, it was on the form, they sent it out in a truck without lift. They could not unload the 767 lb trailer.
We are now set for 6/13 2 - 6 pm. ?? we shall see how it goes.

They also said they have to unload at the highway because we have a dirt driveway (although it is well maintained). we have had several trucks of this size deliver to our door. American Furniture delivered in 8 inches of snow with no problems. ???

I think you should check up on who is making deliveries for you.”
June 11, 2019 by Daniel C. (PA, United States)
“Tried talking to someone on chat numerous times but to no avail. Wanted to check on why there is a shipping charge when it says free shipping, and then a 15.99 charge at the end. Not very well explained .”
June 10, 2019 by Western23 (MT, United States)
“I am glad to see a battery operated trimmer and it being on sale at a nice price. As I have gotten older I hate lugging the hand held line trimmers, gas ot battery around. I have too much area to cover as I prepare to grass seed sometime soon. I have strong expectation this one will do just fine for 40 minutes before I have to go inside and grab a cold iced tea. Hope all goes smooth around my property in just a few more days awaiting it's arrival.”
June 10, 2019 by Anonymous (United States)
“Shipping is mighty expensive !!”
June 7, 2019 by Tim (ID, United States)
“Being somewhat at a loss navigating the internet, I found the DR site to be quite easy to proceed through. Overall, I'd rate the ordering process excellent. Thank You.”
June 7, 2019 by Joe (TX, United States)
“This is not the 1st but the 2nd had to wait 20 min til phone was answered, and rep could addressed the issue better he was a little rude”
June 7, 2019 by Fred (AZ, United States)
“Great shopping experience.”
June 5, 2019 by David W. (NH, United States)
“This is my first experience with drpower. I purchased the 3" chipper shredder and must say I'm impressed.
Got the electric start option by the way. Worth the extra money and then some.

This is my second chipper and it makes the other look like a toy. I recommend the unit.”
June 5, 2019 by martin J. (NY, United States)
“fast and knowledgeable help”
June 4, 2019 by John (IA, United States)
“My email to you.

Hi I ordered a grader.
You said that it shipped.
How long does it take to arrive?
How can I check shipping status along the way?

I am on the phone now.... 20 minutes Can't weight to give my opinion to the survey at the end of this call. now 25 minutes. Ok you win I am hanging up now. 30 min.”
June 4, 2019 by geno (United States)
“I had no problem ordering your dr trimmer. I created an account as you said to track shipment.
I've not received any info on tracking or shipment. How do I use my account to find status of order?”
June 3, 2019 by Bob (NJ, United States)
June 3, 2019 by Griff (TX, United States)
“Straight forward directions and an excellent product and company behind it. Very impressed with the quality and service.”
June 2, 2019 by Melanie (CO, United States)
“I had a great experience while contacting Dr Power services. The technical support, and ordering assistance that I received from Courtney was above and beyond what I would have even expected. Courtney was very knowledgeable. Courtney knew exactly what I needed, and assisted me with a positive, happy attitude, and was very professional. Courtney's patience, and care in taking the necessary steps to provide me with my needed equipment were exemplary. Our goals were achieved successfully due to her knowledge and expertise.”
June 2, 2019 by Mike M. (RI, United States)
“Website ordering was very easy and quick.”
June 2, 2019 by Jean (WA, United States)
“I needed to order a tow bar for my stump grinder and a new key for my trim line mower. Got it all done with one phone call.”
June 1, 2019 by Mavelyn (MI, United States)
“I have ordered from DR in the past (several years ago). I have been pleased with all my purchases. The online ordering process was easy.”
June 1, 2019 by Daniel (IA, United States)
“Ordered a new trimmer,I will know more after I receive it,how things are going,so far though okay.Ordering on line was easy and simple.”