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Desulfation Battery Charger 12v, w/ ring & clips

Desulfation Battery Charger 12v, w/ ring & clips

Extend your battery life up to 4X!

 (4  reviews)
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Desulfation Battery Charger 12v, w/ ring & clips

Extend your battery life up to 4X!
 (4  reviews)
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As batteries age, they will often get a buildup of lead sulfate on the internal plates. This reduces their capacity for holding a charge, and causes them to die much sooner than necessary. The Desulfication Battery Charger cleans the internal plates, giving your batteries a much longer lifespan (up to 4 times the length they would have if used without one!). It can even restore batteries that have already been weakened by use. Perfect for maintaining your batteries during the off-season when they are not in use, or in between uses.

The Desulfication Battery Charger is easy to use because there are no buttons to push and no controls to monitor. Simply plug the unit into a standard wall outlet and clip the clips to your battery's terminals. The battery will remain fully charged -- not overcharged or undercharged -- until you need it next. No matter the temperature or the period of time until its next use, your battery will be fresh and ready whenever you need it.


  • Ambient temperature sensor (0 degrees F to 130 degrees F) ensures the battery will never be overcharged or undercharged due to temperature extremes
  • Automatic full-time high-frequency (not high voltage) pulse desulfication
  • Meets Energy Star requirements for high efficiency
  • Includes 12 ft. power cord, 2' battery clip cord set with Quick Connector, and optional permanent mounting tab
  • Works with any lead acid battery, including those for your car, boat, power equipment, and more!
  • 12 volts

This charger isn't to be used with Aviation Batteries.


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