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DR E-Series Battery Pack & Charger

DR E-Series Battery Pack & Charger

For DR ZT5E Lawn Mower and FB26E Field & Brush Mower

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Sale: $1,699.99
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DR E-Series Battery Pack & Charger

For DR ZT5E Lawn Mower and FB26E Field & Brush Mower
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Ships in 5 to 6 Weeks

Restrictions may apply.
Available in the Continental US Only


Power Pack for Multiple DR Products

The DR E-Series Battery pack and charger is for use with DR ZT5E Lawn Mowers (both the 48” and 60” models), and the DR FB26E Field and Brush Mower. See product sections below for machine-specific information.

Product Summary:

  • 2.5 kWh Battery Pack and charger
  • Mow up to 1.5 acres without recharging
  • External charge and error indicator
  • 1, 2, or 3 Packs with DR ZT5E Mowers (see below)
  • Use a single Pack with the FB26E Brush Mower (see below)
  • Built in handles for easy transport
  • Warranty: 5 Years (or 1,000 hours) in Residential Use

For Use with the DR FB26E Field and Brush Mower

The DR FB26E Field and Brush Mower is powered by a single E-Series Battery. However, the mower is equipped with a caddy for transporting an extra fully-charged battery to your job site. Depending on the demands of your property, you may wish to purchase an extra battery pack to enable longer work sessions.

A single battery in the FB26E will run for up to 90 minutes on a charge. However, brush mowing conditions are highly variable, and results may differ. Cutting thick field grass with a lot of water content will draw down the battery more quickly, whereas mowing lighter, drier brush may produce longer run times.

For Use with DR ZT5E Lawn Mowers

DR ZT5E Lawn Mowers can be powered by one, two, or three E-Series Batteries. With multiple batteries, the set can be drawn on, or charged, as an interconnected array.

Each battery is 2.5 kWh, allowing for an array of up to 7.5 kWh. The power for mowing and self-propulsion is the same regardless of how many batteries are installed—the difference is in runtime. Recharge overnight in the mower. Note: the battery may be recharged in the ZT5E Mower which does not require an external charger. A battery only option (no charger included) is available.

Choose how many battery packs to use simultaneously by referencing the charts below:

DR Battery 48 DR Battery 60

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