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Popular Questions

What can I haul with a DR Powerwagon?

The DR Powerwagon is ideal for hauling heavy, bulky loads of almost anything, especially over rough, rocky, or hilly terrain that a wheelbarrow or garden cart simply can't handle. With the Premier model, you can haul up to 500 lbs., while the Pro model carries an impressive 800 lbs. We like to use them for hauling firewood, rocks, bricks, building materials, brush, topsoil, gravel, sand, branches, wood chips, mulch... the list goes on and on! For particularly loose or wet loads (sand, wet cement, etc.), we recommend either the Premier model, because of its molded polyethylene bed, or the Pro model with the optional Molded Bed accessory.

What can I haul with a DR Versa-Trailer?

The DR Versa-Trailer is designed for your biggest, heaviest, bulkiest loads. The 1/2-Ton model can haul up to 1,000 lbs, while the 1-Ton model can haul an incredible 2,000 lbs. Great for firewood, hay bales, building materials, stones, brush, mulch, and much more! Both models also have a stake bed configuration for particularly long items, such as lumber or branches.

What can I use to tow the DR Versa-Trailer?

Tow the DR Versa-Trailer behind your ATV, UTV, or just about any other vehicle with a ball hitch that you can use off-road. Designed for a maximum speed of 25 mph.


DR Hauler Reviews

This powerwagon is the real deal!

"This powerwagon is the real deal; outstanding; a work-horse; sturdy; well-made; great for big, heavy loads and up-hill movement. Simply put, its the best yard machine I've ever owned. "

- CliffB from North Carolina
about the 6.25 Premier, Electric Start Power Wagon

We should have done this A LOT sooner

"We live on a farms and are constantly moving rock, materials, etc. We use our tractors when we can, but there are so many jobs that are smaller, yet still heavy work. My husband and I are getting older and wheelbarrow work has become increasingly more difficult. This machine is a life saver! Easy to use and well built. We have a DR Trimmer as well, and that is another favorite machine. Great engineering and a very reasonable price when compared to back pain and heavy work."

- Alanwoodfarms
about the 6.25 Premier, Electric Start Power Wagon

It's hard to work without it.

"I have own one for over ten years now and it has made my work mush easier to do. The unit I just purchased was for my daughter to make her work so much easier also. P.S. I live on a hill side property and you can do very little without the power wagon."

about the 6.75 Pro, Electric Start Power Wagon

Huge trailer

"This is a monster of a trailer in an ATV size footprint. After years of operating various military equipment I have gotten used to having a tool for every job. This trailer is those tools in one. I live in the hills in Alaska and I can honestly say this trailer will go anywhere and haul almost anything. I wish it came with seats then I could use it for hay rides with my children. I love it."

- Schmoke220 from Alaska
about the 1-Ton Model Versa-Trailer

This product exceeds my expectations

"The Versa Trailer is the most utilized piece of machinery I use on my property. I like the tandem wheels as they walk over the dry creek bottom that ordinary single axle trailers would bounce over. I call it my moon walker! The dump truck feature has been used several times to unload gravel in a tight spot into my barn. Three tons of gravel on separate occasions were unloaded with ease. The swinging boom will be used to move 275 gallon water totes to and from the remote locations on my property to the water troughs. I pull it with ease with my 450 Kodiak Yamaha 4wheeler 4x4. Thank you for building a handy and useful trailer and putting it together was a snap, about 2 hrs. The instruction manual was spot on."

- FAColdgame53 from Texas
about the 1-Ton Model Versa-Trailer