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Popular Questions

What are the benefits of a DR Rapid-Feed Wood Chipper over the DR Chipper/Shredders?

DR Rapid-Feed Wood Chippers are ideal for anyone who has heavy-duty wood chipping tasks to tackle ? cleaning up fallen branches after a storm, getting rid of brush piles, keeping trees free of dead limbs, etc. The DR Rapid-Feeds are the only wood chippers available to homeowners that self-feed most materials. And with heavy (up to 76-1/2 lbs.) flywheels that actually accumulate inertia as they spin, they do not rely completely on the engine for their energy, making them incredibly efficient. While the DR Chipper/Shredders are great for versatility, the DR Rapid-Feed Wood Chippers are best if your primary task is wood chipping.

Do DR Rapid-Feed Chippers really self-feed materials?

Yes! DR Rapid-Feed Wood Chippers will self-feed most materials. We designed them with a large, vertically-oriented hopper, a precisely-angled chipping knife, and an air-injected venting system that draws materials into the chipping mechanism. These innovative features make the DR Rapid-Feed Chipper the only wood chipper available to homeowners that actually self-feeds branches.

What can I use the wood chips or mulch for?

There are lots of uses for the wood chips or mulch that result from using your DR Rapid-Feed Chipper or DR Chipper/Shredder. Wood chips are great for mulching flower beds, covering muddy spots on trails and walkways, or for use as livestock bedding. The mulch from shredded materials decomposes quickly, often within 2 weeks, so it is ideal for making compost to enrich your garden soil.

Do the DR Rapid-Feed Chippers come assembled? What kind of assembly is required?

DR Rapid-Feed Chippers do require a small amount of assembly before their first use. In about 15-30 minutes, one person can have the whole machine up and running. If you are also installing the Road Towing Kit, it may take 30-45 minutes.


DR Chipper Reviews

This is no toy, it is well designed, and does what it is suppose too!

"My 16.5 chipper pro with electric start does everything I wanted in a chipper. It tows behind my atv easily . It handles anything from twigs to 4" limbs with ease. the chute almost feeds itself and I have ground up many cubic yards of chip mulch that I use landscaping and in my gardens. Great machine, and well worth the money paid. "

- BillZ56 from New York
about the 16.50 Pro Rapid-Feed Chipper

The 30.00 Pro-XL exceeded my expectations.

"I was surprised to find the machine met all it's published spec's. I had saved the packaging, thinking I would have to return it, but nows it's all fire wood. The machine starts up quickly, tows with my ATV anywhere I need to go on my 25 acres. I find the machine as effective with brush/twigs as it is with trees (up to 5.25 in.)"

- Rambo2 from South Carolina
about the 30.00 Pro-XL, Electric Start Rapid-Feed Chipper

Chipper review

"This is one of the better products I have bought for my 10 acres. Only problem with it is I waited too long to buy it.(LOL) With 10 acres to clean up this make the job 100%easies, and it goes through limbs like butter, giving me some much needed mulch for my plants."

about the 11.50 Premier, Manual-Start Rapid-Feed Chipper

Does everything company said it would.

"The chipper arrived on time, was not difficult to assemble and works exactly like it was advertised. Makes quick work of limbs and handles 4" trees like they were butter."

- Theoldskier from South Carolina
about the 3pt Hitch/PTO Rapid-Feed Chipper

Exactly What I Expected

"No shocker here....Another great product from DR Power. I purchased the Chipper and the Versa Trailer and the 2 together are easily towed by my 4-wheeler and makes it extremely easy to cleanup tree trimmings. I use to have to cut, drag, and burn. Now I can cut and chip right in place and have mulch when I'm done. Thanks again for a great product! "

- Matthew Campbell from CADDO MILLS, TX
about the 330.00 Pro-XL, Electric Start Rapid-Feed Chipper