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Popular Questions

What are the benefits of a DR Chipper/Shredder over the DR Rapid-Feed Wood Chippers?

Versatility! The DR Chipper/Shredders have two separate hoppers, one for shredding yard and garden waste, and another for chipping branches up to 4-1/2" thick (Pro-XL model). We recommend them for homeowners whose primary goal is to reduce yard and garden waste - leaves, grass clippings, weeds, garden leftovers, etc. - but also want the ability to chip branches when needed. If your primary goal is heavier-duty wood chipping, we recommend checking out the DR Rapid-Feed Wood Chippers. But for maximum versatility in reducing the natural waste that country properties produce each season, the DR Chipper/Shredder is a reliable and powerful tool.

What materials can I shred with the DR Chipper/Shredder?

Just about any flexible plant material can be shredded with the DR Chipper/Shredder. It is perfect for reducing leaves, weeds, grass clippings, flower clippings, corn stalks, end-of-season garden leftovers, vines, and just about any other natural debris up to 1-1/2" thick (Pro-XL model) to a fine mulch.

How big is the resulting mulch?

The DR Chipper/Shredders come standard with a 1" shred screen, so the resulting material is generally in 1" or smaller pieces. Optional 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", oblong hole, and rectangular hole screens are also available, allowing you to control the size of your shredded material as needed.

Do the DR Chipper/Shredders come assembled? What kind of assembly is required?

DR Chipper/Shredders do require a small amount of assembly before their first use. In about 15-30 minutes, one person can have the whole machine up and running.


DR Chipper/Shredder Reviews

This product is easy to use

"I have owned other chippers/shredders but they do not compare to the performance of the DR Shredder 11.50 fpt Premier. This product has performed as well if not better than advertised and I would recommend it to anyone that has cleanup to do on their property."

- Mustang from Texas
about the 11.50 Premier, Manual-Start Chipper Shredder

This product works hard.

"I have done a lot of chipping and shredding of various types of material. Hardwood, softwood, thick, thin, vines, and sturdy weed stalks and it handles everything. I have been very pleased with its performance."

- Alfred13 from Tennessee
about the 14.50 Pro, Manual-Start Chipper Shredder

Over 40 hours and going strong

"This machine is amazing. I'm cutting down and chipping/shredding a Eucalyptus forest of about 250 trees. It makes nice mulch out of the leaves, small branches and acorns. The Chipper part is excellent, works as advertised on branches 4 1/2 inches or smaller. I've been running it every Saturday and Sunday since October and have had nothing but good results."

- David S. from SALINAS, CA
about the 30.00 Pro-XL, Electric-Start Chipper Shredder

Good enough our friends ask if they can rent it!

"We have an older version of this model, which we got after being so pleased with our DR brush cutter. This chipper performs on the same level - it does better than we expected. We use it for everything from light work (shredding our raspberry canes into compost at the end of the season) to more demanding tasks (chipping tree limb and branch trimmings), and it never lets us down. The electric start feature is great, and we can easily tow it to virtually any spot on our 30 acres with an ATV. We highly recommend this machine!"

- BnBRobin from Idaho
about the 30.00 Pro-XL, Electric-Start Chipper Shredder

This has been a much-used purchase to keep our property clear.

"This was purchased for the use of clearing debris. We live in a hurricane prone area of the Gulf, and have used it successfully after several storms to clear limbs, using the mulch for our plants, and other trees. It has proven beneficial for both clearing the land, and also saving water by mulching plants. it has proven to be all that it was advertised to be; efficient, practical, and a good piece of equipment for a large place like ours. We have 12 acres to keep up, and at our ages (in our 70's), we can still operate this equipment ourselves efficiently and fairly easy. It paid for itself after the first storm. We have been quite pleased with its performance."

- Cece7 from Alabama
about the 3pt Hitch/PTO Chipper Shredder