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    Buyer's Guide and DVD

    What others are saying

    Best investment I have made in quite some. No more "weed eaters" for me. I Cannot thank you enough for such superior products!!!

    5/5 Stars
    - TommyTX

    This product cut through just about anything like a hot knife through butter, never had any problems out of it. Had great maneuverability and great for hard to reach corners and ditches.

    5/5 Stars
    - ArneC5

    This Trimmer Mower has saved my back, legs, hips, you name it. I just love this machine. We live in Southeast Oklahoma, have one acre of uneven ground with lots of unwanted growth. I have fought these plants for two years, and they were winning. In just two weeks since receiving this machine, I am now winning!

    5/5 Stars
    - Fmburson
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