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  • Maintenance Kit
    For 6.25, 6.75, & 7.25 Trimmers
    Product Summary
    Keep your DR Trimmer/Mower running in top condition! Regular tune-ups -- at least once a year -- will greatly extend the life of your machine and keep it running as efficiently as possible.
  • Maintenance Kit
    For Self-Propelled 8.26 Trimmer
    Product Summary
    Make sure you have parts on hand for when you need them! Keep your DR Self-Propelled PRO-XL Trimmer Mower in top condition with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Kit includes all the necessary maintenance items for your machine.
  • TrimSafe Guard for DR Trimmer Mower
    For Current Models
    Product Summary
    Trim without the worries of damaging plants, trees and fence. Our TrimSafe Guard mounts quickly and easily to the DR Trimmer Mower. See below for machine compatibility.
    You save:$5.00
  • DR Trimmer Mower Accessory Value Pack
    For Current Models
    Product Summary

    Our Accessory Value Pack includes 4 customer favorites bundled at a discounted price. Having these items on hand will make using your DR Trimmer Mower even easier. Includes the Oil Extractor Pump, TrimSafe Guard, Cord Caddy and 80' Roll of 175mil (0.175") Cord / Line. See below for machine compatibility.

    You save:$10.00
  • 12" Beaver Blade Attachment Kit
    For DR Trimmer Mower
    Product Summary

    Turn your DR Trimmer Mower into a chainsaw on wheels! Our 12" Beaver Blade can cut woody brush and saplings up to 3" in diameter. This complete package includes the 12" Beaver Blade, a spacer, an aluminum mow-ball support, owner's manual and a 3/16" chain file. If you just need to replace your Beaver Blade (and don't require the full kit), order here.

  • 12" Replacement Beaver Blade
    For DR Trimmer Mower
    Product Summary

    Cut saplings up to 3" thick with your DR Trimmer Mower. This is a replacement Beaver Blade, not the full kit needed for first time users. The full kit is available here.

  • Premium DR Trimmer Cord
    130 mil Orange
    Product Summary

    Available in:

    • Precut 23” Lengths (48)
    • 72 ft Economy Roll
    You save:$2.00
  • 47 Products found

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    America's #1 Trimmer!

    America's #1 Trimmer! (1:58)

    At DR we are proud of having invented the trimmer on wheels category over 30 years ago. And since then we have continually improved our lineup to offer the very best product on the market.

    You could call me a DR Man.

    "You could call me a DR Man." (1:41)

    Music to our ears. We love hearing how the DR Trimmer Mower makes life easier for our customers. Like John who uses the DR on his 90-acre, North Carolina farm with pecan groves.

    Unique Accessories.

    Unique Accessories. (1:48)

    Add versatility with Trimmer Mower accessories available only from DR. Cut down even thicker growth and brambles, including saplings up to 3" in diameter, with our patented cutting attachments.