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America's #1 Trimmer!

America's #1 Trimmer! (1:58)

At DR we are proud of having invented the trimmer on wheels category over 30 years ago. And since then we have continually improved our lineup to offer the very best product on the market.

You could call me a DR Man.

"You could call me a DR Man." (1:41)

Music to our ears. We love hearing how the DR Trimmer Mower makes life easier for our customers. Like John who uses the DR on his 90-acre, North Carolina farm with pecan groves.

Unique Accessories.

Unique Accessories. (1:48)

Add versatility with Trimmer Mower accessories available only from DR. Cut down even thicker growth and brambles, including saplings up to 3" in diameter, with our patented cutting attachments.