Redi-Plow™ PLUS for Trucks & SUVs

Redi-Plow™ PLUS for Trucks & SUVs

The top of the line Redi-Plow!

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Redi-Plow™ PLUS for Trucks & SUVs

The top of the line Redi-Plow!

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For Chevy/GMC/Cadillac - Attaches to your vehicle's front receiver hitch (included). It's a home snow plow that's always ready to go! The PLUS model features end caps to gather more snow, and can be angled left, right or straight ahead.
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Plowing has never been this easy!

Commercial snow plows for trucks are heavy, expensive, cumbersome in traffic, and they kill your gas mileage. The RediPlow for trucks is a different and better idea. It’s a home snow plow, designed with the home user in mind. It weighs just 110 lbs.—light enough for most people to handle by themselves. It can be quickly removed after use or locked into a travel position. There are no controls inside your vehicle, so operation is extremely easy. But make no mistake...this is one tough and effective plow. The blade is high strength aluminum, the quick-attach bracket is rugged steel, and it has a tough rubber edge for clean plowing. With a 7' plow width, you’ll be able to clear most driveways in just 2-3 passes!

  • Blade adjusts 3 ways - right, left, or straight ahead for efficient snow removal.
  • Box ends help gather snow (rather than spilling it out the sides)
  • Blade is rustproof, lightweight, strong aluminum.
  • Rubber edge on the bottom of the blade protects your driveway and lawn.
  • Heavy-duty frame allows blade to move up and down automatically with the terrain.

Video GallerySee the Redi-Plow in Action!

This model is compatible with:

  • 2007-14 Suburban/Yukon XL - All (LT does not require fascia trim)
  • 2007-14 Yukon/Tahoe (except Hybrid)
  • 2007-14 Cadillac Escalade (except Hybrid)
  • 2007-14 Chevy Avalanche (minor fascia trim)

Attach/Detach in Less Than a Minute

The RediPlow attaches easily to the front receiver hitch of your vehicle. We provide a custom hitch for the specific make/model of your truck or SUV. Installation takes between 30-60 minutes. After that, the RediPlow can be attached or removed in less than a minute.

Blade Angles in 3 Postions

The RediPlow can easily be angled to plow straight ahead, to the left or to the right -- for maximum flexibility in plowing your driveway.

Clears Your Driveway, Protects Your Lawn

The 1" thick rubber scraper blade attached to the bottom of the RediPlow clears your driveway cleanly, and it won'tdamage your turf if you have to push snow onto your lawn. The guard becomes more rigid in colder temperatures, when ice and hard snow demand a stronger, more rigid blade.

Enclosed Box Ends for Neater Plowing

The flexible box ends contain the snow, and prevent it from spilling around the sides of the plow. This feature makes for a much cleaner job and saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent going over your driveway a second time to collect spilled snow.

No Lights Needed

The brackets and plows on big commercial rigs almost always obscure your headlights, requiring the expense of auxiliary lights. The RediPlow is designed so that it does not block your headlights in either its plowing or transport positions.

Secure (but Quick) "Travel" Position

Our unique "Redi-Pins" are used to secure the plow in either its plowing or travel position. These pins are designed to operate easily, even in wet, freezing conditions — without having to remove your gloves!



Overall Length 84 in
Blade Length 82 in
Blade Height 18 in
Blade Angles 3 Positions - Straight, 19° left or right
Shipping Weight 215 lbs


Blade Material Anodized 6063 T6 Aluminum
Blade Markers Yes
Weight of Blade 114 lbs
Scraper Thickness 0.88 in
Rubber End Caps Yes
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Work as Advertized
Posted by: John D. from Mertztown, PA on 01/22/2019
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
purchased for my 2014 F150. Was really worried how it would work. Plow is really heavy duty and I am surprised by the quality and how strong it is. But also light weight. One person can hook up the receiver and the plow in less than 5 min. Assembly takes some time and you need good sharp drill bits to get through the thick aluminum but goods together nicely and is strong. Used for the first time on my stone 500 foot drive way in 3 in of really heavy snow. Worked as advertised and I was surprised how it picked up very little stones. Instead of 2 hours of snow blowing I spend 10 min in warm truck and got the job done. Don't be afraid because this is not a traditional plow, works great on driveways.
4 people found this review helpful.
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Great Product. Great Quality. Great Service.
Posted by: Lee B. from Marquette, MI on 01/08/2019
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
I recently moved to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The snow has not been too heavy so far but this plow is easily one of my best purchases I’ve made! Snow removal is easy as were the instructions to follow. The online support came in very handy when I misplaced the original instructions during my move. The blade is light enough to lift on and off of the mount and also very strong and sturdy to push the snow with my light truck. Highly recommended product and company. Do not hesitate to buy from DR.
1 people found this review helpful.
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Very happy with my plow
Posted by: Robert A. from ROCHESTER, NH on 11/16/2018
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
I have a 2001 Dodge Ram 2wd pickup with a V6 engine. I wasn't convinced that the truck would be able to push snow, but to my surprise it did great. We just had a 5 snow storm overnight with rain mixed in, making the snow very heavy. The plow worked great, as did my 2wd truck. For anyone wondering if a 2wd truck will push snow, yes it will, with some weight in the back and a set of good snow tires along with this lightweight plow it will do the job. The nice thing about this plow is the weight factor. There isn't a heavy weight pulling down on the front of the truck which in turn decreases the rear wheel traction. Highly recommend.
9 people found this review helpful.
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Amazing plow for the price
Posted by: Jeffrey H. from Millington, MI on 10/29/2018
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
I’ll admit it took a little while to put together, but this thing is so strong and yet so lightweight! I plowed a lot of snow last winter with this plow. You highly recommend the Plus because that’s what I got!!! I plowed a 200yd X 300yd parking lot out to help out a local business in a bid snowstorm and it handled 16” of snow like a professional plow! I really love this thing! I have to admit that I purchased it for the light weight to a avaoid damaging the front end of my Chevy 1500 4X4 and it doesn’t even make the front struts sag at all!! I get asked about it all the time whenever I stop somewhere and could sell hundreds of these for DR. Too bad there isn’t a bonus program for referring purchasers to DR. Thank you so much for this great product!!!
13 people found this review helpful.
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OMG does good
Posted by: Rodney M. from Dauphin, PA on 12/30/2017
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
Just used for first time. I have 2013 F150 and driveway consist of 600 yards of stone and 1/4 mile of macadam through and open field. I didn't install rubber end caps. You need to go slow on the stone and macadam speed is to your suite. Had 3" of powder and I couldn't be happier. Sure beats the YEARS of sitting on a four wheeler out in the open. I bought locks to use for plow in road mode, too big a piece of aluminum to not lock.
25 people found this review helpful.
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Another fine DR product
Posted by: Richard C. from Trout Run, PA on 02/22/2015
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
I am 60 years old and my wife bought this for me. Plow arrived last week. Nighttime temperatures were below zero so I had our car mechanic install the receiver and assemble the frame on our 2004 Trailblazer. My wife and I assembled the blade in our basement in two evenings. Snowed yesterday so this morning I plowed the 400’ driveway and parking area in a warm vehicle! Plow works as advertised. Great with snow. I was even able to plow on the road in front of our mailbox. This device, along with my DR grader, which I also pull with the Trailblazer, allows me to maintain my stone driveway easily.
83 people found this review helpful.
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Happy plow guy
Posted by: Wayne C. from Utica, NY on 12/20/2013
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
Bought the plow not knowing what to expect. We get anywhere from 5 to 7 feet of snow during an average winter. I have been using a 4 wheel drive utility tractor with a 5 foot 3 point hitch snowblower in the past and thought this might get me out of the weather. After assembling the plow and mounting it on my truck I was still quite skeptical because of how light it was. It was the first plow I could pick up and carry around. The first snow came, about 6 inches, leery of the plow I got out the tractor and snowblower. Getting cold and wet I decided was not any fun. The next snow came, about 4 inches, I decided it was time to try out the plow. I was amazed. It plowed the place out so much faster than my tractor did and I stayed warm and dry in the cab of my truck. Since that time I use the plow every snow fall. It works great, and so much faster than anything I have ever used. It's free floating action doesn't plow up the gravel in my driveway or tear up the sod where I have to plow over grass around the barn.
117 people found this review helpful.
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Best thing I ever bought
Posted by: ROBERT R. from LEOMINSTER, MA on 12/15/2013
Rating: Product Review Stars: 5.00 star rating
In MA we get a lot of heavy snow. Nearing age 60 the snow blower is getting hard for me to handle. I have a Ford F-150 and always wanted a plow, but could not afford $5,000. I saw the Redi-Plow in the back of a magazine and went online to research. DrPower was having a special, $100.00 off, 3 year free financing and a 12 month trial. HOW COULD I LOSE? I ordered it. It arrived in 4 boxes within 5 days. First thing I noticed was how well built it was, no flimsy metal or hardware here. I followed the step by step photo instruction and was able to assemble it quite easily. The receiver fit my truck perfect too. Then I waited 2 months and today we finally got 12" of snow. Knowing it was coming I had put the plow on the truck last night and parked it in the "ready" position. This morning I warmed up the truck and began to plow. I have a 3 car wide driveway, by 3 cars long, also in front of the mailbox on the street, and in front of where we park our horse trailer. I was able to clear all this snow in the comfort of a heated truck cab, with zero effort and had it all done in 15 mins. The HUGE mound at the end of the driveway, which is always a pain, went right down when the plow pushed it. The plow worked perfectly. I recommend the PLUS model. Nice to have the sides and ability to pivot left to right. I had to get out once to pivot the plow, easy to do and no big deal. If you want to go into the plow business you need a $5K plow with inside controls, but for the average home owner this plow is all you will ever need and I can't recommend it enough. You will not regret buying this plow.
132 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
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