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Leaf Blowers & Vacuums

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  • Universal Mower Boot Deck
    For Previous Model Tow-Behind Vacs
    Product Summary
    If you don't already have a deck boot for your riding lawn mower, our Universal Deck Boot will get the job done. This model, for older Leaf Vacs, has a 6" diameter outlet.
  • Maintenance Kit
    For the 11.50 FTP Self-Propelled Leaf Vacuum
    Product Summary

    Just like your automobile, your DR Leaf & Lawn Vacuum will benefit from regular tune-ups — at least once a year. Kit includes all you'll need to keep your machine running in top condition all year long.

  • Mulch Discharge Kit
    For Tow-Behind Leaf and Lawn Vacs
    Product Summary
    Use this handy Discharge Hose in conjunction with our optional Vacuum Hose to blow out collected materials into the woods, over fences, or into a container. Perfect for any time you cannot simply dump materials from the Leaf and Lawn Vacuum.
    You save:$20.00
  • Extra Hose Kit
    For Tow-Behind DR Leaf & Lawn Vacs
    Product Summary

    To use your DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum with particularly large lawn tractors, add this extra 36" length of 8" diameter hose to extend the reach from your discharge to the Leaf Vac.

    You save:$10.00
  • Maintenance Kit
    For Pro-XL Model Leaf & Lawn Vacuums
    Product Summary

    Make sure you have parts on hand for when you need them! Keep your Pro-XL model Leaf and Lawn Vacuum in top condition with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Kit includes all the necessary maintenance items for your machine.

  • Leaf and Lawn Vacuum Wheel Upgrade Kit
    For Current Premier Tow-Behind Lawn Vacs
    Product Summary
    Add stability and improve the weight distribution on your Premier Model Leaf and Lawn Vacuum. The larger axle and extra set of wheels easily attaches to your Leaf and Lawn Vac to provide maximum flotation.For Premier DR Leaf Vacs manufactured during or after fall 2014.
    You save:$10.00
  • Vac Hose Extension Kit
    For Tow-Behind DR Leaf & Lawn Vacs
    Product Summary

    If you've already purchased a Vac Hose add the Extension Hose Kit to extend your vacuum's hose length to 33-feet.

    You save:$20.00
  • 37 Products found

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    Leaf Vac Overview

    Leaf Vac Overview (2:06)

    It's Not Just for Leaves!

    It's Not Just for Leaves! (1:31)

    Leaf Vac Storage

    Leaf Vac Storage (1:07)

    DR Walk-Behind Leaf Vac

    DR Walk-Behind Leaf Vac (1:06)

    Popular Questions

    What materials can the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum vacuum up?

    The DR Leaf Vac picks up almost any sort of lawn debris that sits on top of the grass, including leaves, twigs, acorns, nuts, pine cones...even animal droppings. Because of their remarkable vacuum power, there is little these machines cannot handle. Of course, any vacuum would struggle with materials that are embedded in the turf - such as nuts that have been walked on or driven over - and extremely wet, matted leaves. For best results, vacuum when conditions are dry. The most challenging conditions are usually found in the spring...and if you vacuum the lawn well in the fall you will prevent the worst conditions from happening!

    I don't want a machine I only use once a year. Are there other uses for it?

    Yes! We know people have limited storage space and we designed the DR for year-round versatility. Of course, leaf collection is the primary use. But your DR Leaf Vacuum converts to a heavy-duty utility trailer with a capacity of up to 800 lbs (depending on the model). Use it to transport firewood and other bulky items. In the spring, vacuum up the debris that winter has left behind. And in the summer, the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum can be used as a high-capacity bagger for your riding lawn mower. Plus, the utility trailer is great for hauling topsoil, tools, and other essentials for all your summer projects.

    It looks bulky. How hard is it to break down for storage?

    These machines do have some bulk...otherwise they wouldn't have such high capacity. But you can break them down, and doing so is quick and easy. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes, and requires no tools. The collector top folds down to just 5 inches thick, and the power unit is easily detached and rolled away. Tilt the utility cart up against a wall for storage, or keep it in use all year for hauling cumbersome items.

    Why is the DR Leaf Vac #1 in Vacuum Power? What's different about it?

    The DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum line achieves maximum vacuum power with three key design features. First, we start with the most powerful engines available on any consumer leaf vacuuming system. With as much as 16.96 ft/lbs. of torque (Pro-XL model), they are commercial-grade and built to last. Second, the massive Shark-TeethTM impeller draws in air, creating immense suction as it shreds collected material to a fraction of its original volume. And third, the system is designed with an anti-clog airpath. Airflow is the key to successful suction, and DR Leaf Vacuums use an 8" diameter vacuum hose system—small enough to maximize suction, but large enough to prevent blockages—and a mesh top on the collector, allowing air to escape, while trapping debris.