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Why Home Standby?

Why should you purchase a home standby generator?

Power outages are becoming more and more common. Whether an outage is caused by a weather event or a power grid failure, the result is the same. Power to your home is lost, and your life is disrupted. Heat, air conditioning, well pumps, security systems, and lighting can all become unavailable. You're literally in the dark.

With a DR Home Standby Generator you get peace of mind. When the power goes out, your generator goes on, without you needing to lift a finger. You can rest easy, knowing that your family and your home are safe during a power outage, even if you're not at home.

Power outages can be costly too. Frozen pipes, spoiled food, mold, and flooding can all produce costly repair or replacement bills. Maybe your home insurance would cover those costs...but your home insurance won't save you the time and hassle of replacement, lining up contractors, and getting all the work done. A standby generator is the best kind of insurance...it stops the damage from happening in the first place!

Wondering about using a portable generator? That's another way to provide backup power, but with a portable, you need to be at home to initiate backup power. You need to run extension cords, monitor the generator's operation, and periodically refuel it. Portables are a legitimate solution to backup power, but they require more work on your part, and will usually only cover selected circuits. A whole house standby generator is the turn key solution. It takes care of ALL your power needs automatically.

How it works.

A DR Home Standby Generator is a permanent installation that is hard-wired to your electrical panel. It uses natural gas or liquid propane, drawing fuel directly from your normal supply line or tank, so there is no refueling involved.

The generator is installed with a transfer switch which constantly monitors utility power. When the transfer switch senses a power outage, it shuts down the line to the utility power, and opens a line to the generator. Within seconds, your generator is up and running and household power is restored. There is nothing you need to do...it's automatic.

Your home standby system will continue to run keeping your home protected and your family safe until your power returns. The generator will then return to standby mode

DR Home Standby How much power

How Much Power Do I Need?

Sizing a home standby generator is all about the specifics of what you wish to power when utility power goes out. You can choose to power just some essential items (to minimize the impact of a power outage), or you can choose to back up your entire home (so that life goes on without any disruption).

How much power you need will depend on the specifics of your home and appliances, your decision about whole versus partial house coverage, and your budget. But in general, a larger house will tend to have greater power needs than a smaller one.

The graphic above should give you a very general idea of how much power you are likely to need for either partial house or whole house coverage. (This is, of course, just a starting point. It's entirely possible for a small house to be loaded up with high-demand appliances, or for a large house to have modest power needs.)

The next step? Work with an authorized installer to get specific about your power needs. This professional will visit your home, inspect your electric system and grounds, make a recommendation, and give you an estimate for system installation.