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DR Walk-Behind Field and Brush Mowers
45 Products found
  • Tire Chains
    For the DR Field and Brush Mower
    Product Summary
    Superior traction when you need it most! Whether you are digging out of heavy snow or traveling across ice or mud, avoid slips and minimize your workload with customized Tire Chains. Set of two chains.
    You save:$20.00
  • Protective Cover
    Protect your investment
    Product Summary
    Safeguard your DR from the elements, sun damage, dust, tree sap, and birds with our durable cover. Our cover is compatible with Self-Propelled DR Field and Brush Mower, Self-Propelled DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum, DR Aerator and DR 22" Self-Propelled Lawn Mower.
    You save:$5.00
  • Maintenance Kit
    For 10.5 & 12.5 HP Brush Mowers
    Product Summary

    For 10.5 and 12.5 HP brush mowers with serial number FBP01915 and newer. When your DR Field and Brush Mower is in top condition, putting it to good use can be a pleasure. Just like your automobile, your DR Field and Brush Mower will benefit from regular tune-ups - at least once a year. The Maintenance Kit includes the most important items you'll need, all in one convenient package.

  • Blade for Premier DR Field & Brush Mower
    24" Multi-Purpose Blade
    Product Summary
    When the 24" Premier DR Field and Brush Mower blade gets dull, you can install the new, sharp blade and continue working. Later, take some time to sharpen the dull one. Blades are simple to install.
    You save:$5.00
  • Maintenance Kit
    For 20 HP Brush Mower w/ Briggs & Stratton Engine
    Product Summary

    Make sure you have parts on hand for when you need them! Keep your self-propelled DR Pro-XL Field and Brush Mower in top condition with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Kit includes all the necessary maintenance items for your machine.

  • 45 Products found

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    20 HP PRO XL-30

    20 HP PRO XL-30 (3:00)

    The 20 HP PRO XL-30 has the power to take down saplings up to 3" in diameter, and thick, 6-foot high field grass. And with a 30" cut, you'll get the job done fast!

    Quick Change Attachments

    Quick Change Attachments (2:18)

    Only DR offers a brush mower with a full suite of optional attachments for converting your "mower" into a 4-season workhorse. Optional attachments: Finish Mower, Snow Thrower, Chipper, Grader/Snow Blade


    PRO MAX-34 MODEL (2:59)

    The PRO MAX-34 has the widest cutting deck we've ever offered on a walk-behind brush mower.

    Reclaiming Overgrown Land

    Reclaiming Overgrown Land (2:18)

    When Keith and Lori bought 165 acres in Texas, they discovered that the oak trees were getting choked out by brambles...


    Power Steering

    Power Steering

    A simple, but effective, disc brake system provides power steering. Each wheel is equipped with its own brake, operated by a hand lever. Just squeeze the brake on one side, and the mower will pivot easily around that wheel. You're in control...without wrestling the machine! (PRO-26 14.5 HP, PRO-XL, and PRO-MAX models).

    Pivoting Deck

    Pivoting Deck

    Our decks have a wide cut but are still very maneuverable. Unlike rigid, fixed decks found on some mowers, the DR deck pivots from side to side, allowing it to follow the contours of rough terrain. This feature minimizes scalping and improves traction.

    Superior Mulching

    Superior Mulching

    Our decks are enclosed on 3 sides, so that cut material is chopped and re-chopped, reducing grass and brush to a fine mulch. This means less material is left behind in your field, and none of the windrows you get with side-discharging mowers.


    DR Owner Review, Bob

    DR Owner, Bob (2:18)

    DR Field And Brush Mower Reviews

    Bob lives in Ava, Missouri and is the owner of a DR Field and Brush Mower. He uses his walk-behind brush mower for rocky fields with lots of uneven terrain and for clearing land around his house.

    “The fescue grass was about waist high...and it went through it like a hot knife through butter.”

    "My DR Field & Brush Mower turns heads each time I use it. The pivoting mowing deck allows the machine to glide almost effortlessly. With five forward speeds and one reverse there's no sore back or strained muscles when the job is done. Truly the absolute best power tool I've ever owned. The DR Field & Brush Mower does exactly what the ads say it'll do. And it does it safely and efficiently."

    5 Star Review - StaticMan, SC

    "The DR mower has been a godsend for clearing my overgrown 56 acres. It can cut down small trees and mulch them up along with high brush and grass. I was skeptical when I first saw the ad for a DR. It has exceeded all that was stated. A tractor can't get around trees and rough terrain like the DR. Thank you DR for making my life easier!"

    5 Star Review - Thomasson

    "The DR mower is a great multi-tasker. It cuts through tall grass, saplings, and blackberry bushes like a pro. It does the job of multiple machines. It was my first larger machine investment when I purchased it almost 7 acres four years ago. Our new house is near completion and I am now awaiting delivery of a DR Power Wagon to help with landscaping. That's how much I like DR products!"

    5 Star Review - NJB1944, Washington

    "We have used our DR brush mower on the farm since 1999 and it has been used on the the toughest and roughest weeds and brush on the farm and never failed. it is dependable enough, powerful enough, and maneuverable enough to do every job. It works well on hilly terrain with small saplings and equally well in wet, swampy areas. As long as it has firm enough ground to support it, this mower can do the job. I would hate to think of running the farm without one."

    5 Star Review - jimbobfarm, Alabama