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  • DR Corded Pole Chainsaw
    Trim Branches Ten Feet Overhead
    Product Summary
    Electric pole saw prunes branches 10 feet overhead without a ladder. No gas, no pulling just squeeze the safety trigger to trim branches up to 6" in diameter. Features automatic bar and chain lubrication, chain tension adjustment, and 3-way adjustable head.
    You save:$50.00
  • DR Corded Rototiller/Cultivator
    Compact and Powerful Garden Tiller
    Product Summary

    With a powerful plug-in electric design and 4 steel angled tines, the DR Corded Tiller/Cultivator will loosen soil for creating a new garden or cultivate weeds in narrow rows. It tills a path 11" wide, making it especially useful in tight spaces, hard-to-reach areas, and between raised rows. With an 8-1/2" tilling depth, this machine digs deep to make the perfect seedbed for planting.

    You save:$60.00
  • 16" Corded Electric Chainsaw
    Powerful electric cutting!
    Product Summary

    Trim tree limbs, prune branches, and remove unwanted saplings and small trees! The Corded Electric Chainsaw is the easy way to tackle all your outdoor cutting tasks with clean, hassle-free electric power.

    You save:$40.00
  • DR Corded 22" Hedge Trimmer
    Trim hedges & shrubs to perfection!
    Product Summary

    Keep your hedges and shrubs looking trimmed and tidy! The DR Corded Hedge Trimmer has all the plug-in power you need to slice through branches up to 5/8" thick. There's nothing like well-maintained hedges to keep your property looking its best!

    You save:$25.00
  • 4 Products found

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