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  • DR Subsoiler/Middle Buster Combo
    3-Point Hitch (Category 1 Tractors)
    Product Summary

    Our Subsoiler, attached to your Category 1 tractor, will make an 18" deep channel to break up hardpan, loosen soil for planting, and improve drainage. The interchangeable middle buster (furrowing blade) is great for hilling and ditching.

    You save:$95.00
  • 6x8 Twin Wall Greenhouse
    Customizable and sturdy
    Product Summary
    Get a jump start on the growing season with this small backyard greenhouse. Polycarbonate panels offer durability plus full spectrum lighting for optimum plant growth and twice the heat retention. Unlike some portable greenhouses, this can be bolted down to a foundation.
    You save:$100.00
  • Desulfation Battery Charger 12v, w/ ring & clips
    Extend your battery life up to 4X!
    Product Summary
    When lead acid batteries are left unused or poorly maintained, they lose their ability to hold a charge and can die quickly. The Desulfation Battery Charger is the easiest way to keep your batteries running at their best and increase their lifespan up to 4X!
    You save:$15.00
  • Mower Jack Workbench
    Puts smaller projects at the right height
    Product Summary
    An easy add-on accessory for your Mower Jack EZ or PRO. Provides a safe and stable workbench for your push mower, allowing easy access to the underside for servicing and cleaning.
    You save:$20.00
  • Oil Extractor
    Take the pain out of draining oil!
    Product Summary
    Pump out your oil without messy spills. Draining oil is a breeze – just remove the oil cap or dipstick, insert the extractor tube and pump! Great for your DR® Power Equipment, autos, trucks, boats, motorcycles...just about anything that uses oil.
    You save:$5.00
  • BurnCage XL
    Midsize BurnCage Incinerates at up to 1600° F
    Product Summary

    45% More Capacity than Original Burn Cage

    • Burns thoroughly and safely
    • Perforated design maximizes airflow
    • Holds 58% MORE than a 55-gallon drum
    • Folds up flat for storage
    You save:$120.00
  • DR Ethanol Fuel Treatment, 24 oz
    Eliminate and prevent ethanol related issues
    Product Summary

    Eliminate the harmful effects of ethanol in your small engine. DR Ethanol Treatment breaks down water created by ethanol and cleans the fuel system.

    You save:$2.00
  • Ratchet Hand Pruner
    Clean cut with little hand strain
    Product Summary
    With its scissor-like bypass blades, this hand pruner makes a clean cut for tender stems and living plants, and is great for small and easy to reach branches.
    You save:$5.00
  • DR Corded Rototiller/Cultivator
    Compact and Powerful Garden Tiller
    Product Summary

    With a powerful plug-in electric design and 4 steel angled tines, the DR Corded Tiller/Cultivator will loosen soil for creating a new garden or cultivate weeds in narrow rows. It tills a path 11" wide, making it especially useful in tight spaces, hard-to-reach areas, and between raised rows. With an 8-1/2" tilling depth, this machine digs deep to make the perfect seedbed for planting.

    You save:$169.99
  • 4-in-1 Instant Soil Tester
    Measure your soil condition instantly
    Product Summary
    Get to know your soil! Simply stick the 4-in-1 Instant Soil Tester into any soil to monitor the pH level, moisture content, light intensity, and total combined nitrogen, phosphorus and potash levels.
    You save:$15.00
  • 73 Products found

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