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DR RapidFire Log Splitter

DR RapidFire Log Splitter

Pro-XL Model, Electric Start (w/ Steel Work Table)


DR RapidFire Log Splitter

Pro-XL Model, Electric Start (w/ Steel Work Table)


The top of the line! With splitting power equivalent to a 34-Ton hydraulic splitter, and a blazing cycle time of just 3 seconds, this is the fastest log splitter available anywhere!
$249.99 $199.99

Maximum splitting force!

Take on any splitting task with speed and confidence! The Pro-XL K34 model RapidFire log splitter is up for any challenge, commercial or residential. Tackle cord after cord at up to 6 times the speed of a hydraulic model! And with electric starting, your splitting sessions couldn't be easier.

One Log, One Second!

Ordinary log splitters are slow'¦painfully slow. Because they use hydraulics to gradually force a log to split. The DR RapidFire harnesses the power of two massive flywheels and a rack and pinion system to pop logs open at a rapid clip. And it's instantly ready to reload. No more waiting...the DR RapidFire will work as fast as you can feed it!

Kinetic Log Splitting

Instead of hydraulics, the DR RapidFire Log Splitter uses kinetic energy. Our unique kinetic power system—consisting of twin flywheels (weighing 75 lbs each), and a commercial grade rack and pinion system—is the source of the power and the speed that makes the Rapid-Fire the fastest log splitter available.

The two massive flywheels act like a giant battery, but instead of storing electricity, they store mechanical energy. Their spinning weight is a force multiplier, accumulating energy created by the engine in between splits, then releasing it in a sudden burst. Any log is simply overmatched!

What's the "tonnage"?

When most of us comparison shop for log splitters, we look to tonnage. And we assume that the higher the tonnage, the more powerful the splitter. With conventional hydraulic splitters increased tonnage compensates for the slow nature of the hydraulic ram. The DR® RapidFire™ is different, and because we've replaced hydraulics with a kinetic system, we don't talk in terms of tonnage. The RapidFire™ uses speed and force to split more efficiently. Our testing has consistently shown that the Pro-XL K34 model will easily out-split any conventional 34-Ton hydraulic splitter. And it will do it a whole lot faster!

K34 RapidFire Log Splitter


How RapidFire Splitters Work


Do even more with optional accessories!

Work TableOften large logs need to be split multiple times, and stooping over to pick them up for a second split takes its toll on your back. With the Steel Work Table, logs stay at a comfortable working height, allowing you to split any log in comfort. Choose the "With Steel Work Table" option in the box above to add this must-have feature!

X-ray view of the RapidFire Flywheel and Rack and Pinion System

The FLYWHEELS magnify and store power from the engine. Spinning at over 400 rpm, the RapidFire's massive cast-iron flywheels magnify power from the engine and store it as kinetic energy, ready to be unleashed in rapid, splitting blows. (Note: flywheel technology is so time-proven it is used on every automotive engine today to keep the engine's camshaft turning between cylinder strokes.)

The flywheel turns the PINION GEAR. The RapidFire's pinion gear is five pounds of industrial steel, hardened two times during its manufacturing. When you engage the RapidFire's handle, the pinion gear engages the rack.

The RACK transfers the rotational force of the pinion gear to a linear (splitting) force. When the energy of the rotating flywheel and pinion gear is transferred to the rack, it becomes a rapid, powerful linear force that drives the RapidFire's ram and the log into a wedge, splitting the log in one second.

Features Include:

Cutting-Edge Power Plant

The 9.5 FTP, overhead valve B&S engine produces plenty of torque for all-day power and low vibration.

Auto retraction on a DR log splitter

Auto Retraction

With ordinary splitters you are tethered to the machine so you can return the ram to its starting position. The RapidFire retracts automatically, leaving your hands free to handle the wood.

16-inch DOT approved all-terrain tires on a DR log splitter

Easy to Maneuver

16" DOT-approved all-terrain tires roll easily, getting your machine wherever you need it. Road towable at up to 45 mph.

Optional steel work table on a DR log splitter

Power and reliability make it a clear winner

The RapidFire has what it takes to take on a seriously heavy workload. How does it stand up in the toughest commercial use?