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DR Versa-Trailer Package

DR Versa-Trailer Package

PRO XL2000 Package

 (7  reviews)

DR Versa-Trailer Package

PRO XL2000 Package


 (7  reviews)

The Versa-Trailer Pro Package includes the top-of-the-line 1-Ton Versa-Trailer, plus three of our best-selling accessories! Together, they are a fully-loaded, multi-functional ATV trailer that you'll wonder how you ever did without. Haul up to 2,000 lbs. and even load and unload effortlessly with the boom lift.

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The Ultimate Dumping Work Trailer!

The DR® Versa-Trailer is unlike any utility trailer you've seen. There are hundreds of trailers out there that haul (that's the easy part!). The hard work is all in the lifting and dumping. And the 1-Ton Versa-Trailer uses a Boom Lift to take the struggle out of lifting and dumping. Use the DR® Versa-Trailer with your ATV, UTV, or just about any other vehicle you're willing to use off-road. The 1-Ton Model:

  • LIFTS up to 440 lbs.
  • DUMPS up to 650 lbs.
  • HAULS up to 2000 lbs.

Plus, you can take the DR® Versa-Trailer places you would never go with an ordinary trailer! It's the most versatile trailer ever for use with ATVs or other off-road vehicles. Tandem wheels "walk" over almost any obstacle, and side stabilizers keep the trailer stable when loading or unloading with the boom lift. End panels can easily be removed and the bed converted to a stake bed for transporting longer loads such as logs or lumber.

Versa Trailer

ATV Utility Trailer Like No Other    (4:47)

With the Pro Package, your DR® Versa-Trailer is fully loaded! Along with the trailer, you'll increase your productivity with these essential accessories:

  • Electric Hoist allows you to take full advantage of the Boom Lift and steep dump angle. Dump full loads and load or unload cumbersone objects effortlessly. Powered by a 12-volt battery.
  • Wall Extenders add 12 inches of height to the walls of your Versa-Trailer. Easy to bolt on and remove as needed, they allow you to pile materials even higher for transport.
  • Rear Tow Hitch allows you to tow another trailer or machine behind your Versa-Trailer. The easy way to get all the necessities to any job site!
Swinging boom lift on a DR ATV dump trailer

Swinging Boom Lift
The boom will lift objects weighing up to 440 lbs. from either side of the trailer. It's like having two strong men helping you lift heavy weights, and it's a lot safer. Use it for rocks, logs, pallets, balled trees and more.

The angle of the boom can easily be adjusted, without tools, allowing you to lift and load objects without constantly repositioning the trailer.

Side stabilizers for loading on a DR ATV dump trailer

Side Stabilizers
Can be lowered and secured, without tools, to stabilize the trailer when loading or unlading. Keep your trailer steady when using the boom lift from either side.

Many so-called "dump" trailers have such a shallow tilt to their dump action that you have to shovel them out or unload them by hand.

The Versa-Trailer has a steep, 35 degree dump angle that allows you to empty your full load without any manual labor. Like the lifting, the dumping action is winch-assisted, with the cable attaching to a hitchpoint on the trailer's floor.

Tandem wheels on a DR ATV dump trailer

Tandem Wheels
The Versa-Trailer's tandem wheels pivot on the axle so that, working together, they create a kind of independent suspension. This allows the trailer to adapt to all sorts of rugged terrain and "walk" right over all kinds of obstacles.

Removable end panels on a DR ATV dump trailer

Removable End Panels
The end panels come off in seconds, without tools, for carrying log loads or for dumping.

Pivoting jack stand on a DR ATV dump trailer

Pivoting Jack Stand
Raises or lowers the tongue, for hitching to your towing vehicle without straining your back. The hitch itself also pivots, allowing your towing vehicle and the trailer to ride independently over rough terrain without putting torque on the tongue or hitch.

Electric Hoist Included
Save manpower and make quick work of lifting and loading tasks! The Electric Hoist mounts to the frame of the trailer and is powered by a 12-volt battery. Either hook it to the floor of the trailer to effortlessly lift the bed to its maximum dump angle, or use it to lift rocks, logs, and other cumbersome objects into the bed.

Wall Extenders

Wall Extenders Included
Contain large loads with bolt-on Wall Extenders. Easy to install and remove as needed, the Wall Extenders add an additional 12 inches of height to the walls of your Versa-Trailer.

Rear Tow Hitch Included
Tow another machine or trailer behind your Versa-Trailer with the Rear Tow Hitch. Many jobs require the Versa-Trailer's hauling capacity as well as another tool such as a wood chipper or log splitter. The Rear Tow Hitch allows you to get them all to your job site with ease.

Crate Size 82 1/2"L x 44 1/2"W x 26 1/2"H
Height 80" (w/ boom)
Length 133"
Shipping Weight 758 lbs
Weight 760 lbs. (not including accessories)
Width 51"
Shipping Dimensions 133.6"L x 50.7"W x 71.9"H
Boom Angle Positions 23 degrees left or right; 45 degrees left or right
Cable Size 7/32" x 25'
Crane Lifting Capacity 440 lbs
Hook Size 5/16"; 1" opening
Number of Tires 4
Tire Size 22" x 11"
Assembly Yes
Type Versa-Trailer
Bed Dimensions 79"L x 42"W x 24"H
Bed Volume 31.25 cu ft
Hauling Capacity 2000 lbs
Hitch Type Ball hitch
Tongue Weight 120 lbs
Tow Receiver Size 2"
Towable Yes


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