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DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum


 (145  reviews)

DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum

 (145  reviews)
Ships in 6 To 9 Business days
$249.99 $199.99


Most Powerful

Most Powerful

An independent testing lab rated DR #1 in vacuum performance!

Unloads in seconds

Unloads in SECONDS!

Just unbuckle from the back, release the lock lever, and lift! With the DR you're back to work in minutes!



Collector folds down (no tools) to a 5" thick bundle. Storage preparation takes just 5 minutes!

DOUBLES as a cart!

DOUBLES as a cart!

Remove the collector top and you've got a sturdy flatbed cart that can haul loads of up to 400 pounds!

DR PILOT 200 Model (1:47)

PILOT 200 Model Product Summary

  • 200 Gallon capacity (27 cu. ft.)
  • Single Point Hitch
  • Optional jack stand available
  • DR OHV Engine; 6.6 HP (9.59 ft-lbs gross torque*)
  • Manual-Starting
  • Weight: 230 lbs

Lawn Tractor Requirements:

Warranty Coverage

  • Machine: 2 years residential; 90 days commercial
  • Engine: 2 years residential; 1 year commercial

PILOT 200 Model

The PILOT 200 model gives you all the amazing suction power you'll find on our larger models with a simplified collector and unloading mechanism. The underlying frame can also be used as a flatbed trailer (rather than the cart-style trailer found on the other models).

The collector–which has the same 200 gallon capacity as our PREMIER model–unloads in two easy steps: 1) simply unbuckle the closures on the back, and 2) release the lock lever from the front of the PILOT 200 and tilt the entire collector to the rear. The steep dump angle ensures that the load empties completely.

With the collector removed, you can use the PILOT 200 as a flatbed trailer to haul all sorts of loads around your property. It's perfect for stackable and tie-down items.

Premier model leaf vacuum reduces leaves and yard waste

Collect, Shred and Dump!

Using the DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum drastically reduces the volume of leaves and other materials it collects. It starts with your mower deck which provides lift to pull lawn debris up into the spinning blade. Then the partially mulched material is channeled into our Shark Teeth Steel impeller which further reduces it before passing it in to the collector.

It's not JUST for Leaves!

In spring the DR is great for cleaning up the wind- and storm-borne debris that collects on your lawn. During the summer, it makes a terrific high-capacity bagger that will leave your lawn spotless with very little extra effort on your part. And you can use the utility cart any time of year for hundreds of hauling jobs.

Shark Tooth Impeller

All Steel Impeller

More durable than the plastic impellers used on competitive products. Our impeller is covered with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Accessories Add Versatility

Our Vacuum Hose lets you get at yard waste in places you can't drive your mower. And the Mulch Discharger allows you to broadcast all that debris right where you want it.

DR Leaf Vac 8 inch Hose

Optimal 8" Hose

Our 8" hoses offer the ideal balance—narrower hoses clog too frequently, and wider ones lose compression and suction power. We tested extensively and found 8" to be the optimal diameter.

DR Leaf Vac Modular Design

Modular Design

Our collector top removes and folds up, and the engine rolls away on its own built-in trolley. The result: simple, space-efficient storage and year-round versatility.

DR Leaf Vac Assembled in the USA using foreign and domestic parts

Assembled in the USA

Assembled in the USA using foreign and domestic parts. Ships direct from our Wisconsin factory.

DR Leaf Vac reduces yard waste to mulch

Reduce a Mountain of Leaves

Our Shark-Teeth Impeller, in combination with the action of your lawn mowing blade, reduces your leaves to a fine mulch during collection. The result is rich, organic material that you can return to your garden or compost heap.

Tow-behind DR leaf vacuum converts to a utility cart

Flatbed Utility Trailer

With the upper collector and power unit detached, the PILOT's underlying flatbed makes a great, 400-pound capacity trailer. Pin hitch it to your riding mower (or ATV) and use it for all kinds of hauling chores. It's perfect for transporting stackable or tie-down items.

Collector trailer on the tow-behind DR leaf vacuum

Huge Capacity

The PILOT model holds up to 27 cubic feet (200 gallons). The high-speed impeller reduces the volume of leaves to a fraction of their original bulk. So you'll be able to collect huge amounts of leaves and debris before you have to stop and unload.

14-inch wheels on the tow-behind DR leaf vacuum

Big Wheels...easy Rolling!

Our 14" diameter wheels are bigger than competitive products and create a smoother roll. You can convert to dual wheel setup with our Wheel Upgrade Kit.

Trailer jack stand on the tow-behind DR leaf vacuum

Trailer Jack Stand

Heavy-duty Trailer Jack Stand, for moving the machine easily when not in use. Adapts to pin hitch heights of 8" to 15". Stand lifts out of the way during operation. 4" diameter wheel. (Optional accessory).

Trailer jack stand on the tow-behind DR leaf vacuum

Collector Closures

The PILOT's collector is closed by oversized buckles that are easy to grasp, even with gloves on. The collector's vertical "doors" can be held open by rebuckling them to the sides.

Height 52.375 in
Length 80 in
Shipping Weight 344 lbs
Weight 230 lbs
Width 35 in
Dumping Capacity 27 Cubic Feet
Air Filter Dual Element
Cooling Methods Air
Displacement 223 cc
Engine Type OHV
Ft Lbs Torque *9.59 ft-lbs gross torque (per SAE J1940)
Horsepower 6.6 HP
Lubrication Splash
Make DR
Number Of Cylinders 1
Oil Capacity 16.9 oz
Oil Filter No
Oil Type SAE 30W HD
Starting Type Recoil
Fuel Capacity 3.6 quarts
Fuel Shutoff Value Yes
Assembly Yes
Dump Angle 55
Hauling Capacity 27 Cubic Feet
Weight Capacity 400 lbs
Dimensions 5.30/4.50-8 4 ply
Number of Tires 2
Tire Size 14in x 4.5in
Tread Sawtooth
Engine Warranty 2 yrs Residential Use/1 yr Commercial
Machine Warranty 2 yrs Residential Use/90 days Commercial
Rotor Speed 147 mph
Rotor Weight 21 lbs
Frame Welded Steel


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