DR Lawn Aerator - Coring Lawn Aerator in Action

DR Lawn Aerator

8.00 FPT, Manual-Start

Take your lawn to the next level with regular aeration. The DR is a pro-style coring aerator, that pulls 2-3" plugs to channel moisture and nutrients to the roots.

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7 proven tips for lawncare

Here's how aeration fits into an optimal lawn care program:

1. Aerate twice a year!

Frequency may vary depending on soil, grass type, and climate. But in most areas, core aerating twice a year is one of the best things you can do for your lawn.

2. Mow with sharp blades.

Dull blades tear your grass, making it more vulnerable to disease. Obey the "one-third rule."

3. Don't cut more than a third of the grass' height at a time.

Mowing short makes for a tidy look, but the lower you mow, the more herbicides and water are needed. Mowing higher encourgages roots to grow deeper.

4. Water deeply, but infrequently.

Overwatering promotes thatch, encourages shallow root growth, and wastes water. About 1" per watering is a good rule of thumb (put out a tuna can and sprinke until it's full). Frequency: when footprints on the grass remain compressed it's time to water again. Daily watering is rarely necessary.

5. Mulch, don't bag.

Not only does this save effort on your part, it returns valuable nitrogen and other nutrients to your lawn.

6. Go easy on the fertilizer!

Not all homeowners fertilize, but those who do have a strong tendency to overdo it. Fertilizer stimulates fast growth, thatch and the need for more mowing, which you don't want (after all, the goal is to have a beautiful and heathy lawn, not to create an arduous lawncare regimen!). And too much fertilizer just runs off, washing into streams and lakes.

7. Stay on top of the weeds.

This doesn't necessarily mean using chemicals. Thick, healthy turf, once established, will tend to choke out weeds. If you only have the odd weed poking through, pull it by hand. And don't jump to full area treatments if you only have a few spot problems.


The cast-iron crankshaft synchronizes the tines. Each tine is precisely angled to cleanly extract a 5/8" diameter plug of soil and automatically eject it. The tines literally "walk" the machine across your lawn.

Plug aerator removes cores for a healthy lawn

How can a coring aerator build turf and lead to a greener lawn?

Aeration is an important piece of a superior lawn maintenance program, and the one that is most often neglected. Coring reduces compaction—the primary obstacle to healthy grass—allowing your lawn to breathe, absorb water and nutrients, and extend its root system.

DR Lawn Aerator parts and accessories
Extended-life engine on a DR core aerator


The 205cc Briggs & Stratton OHV engine provides 8 Ft-lbs Torque to the cam shaft drive. Available in manual or electric start, these engines are manufactured for extended life and smooth operation on the first start and the 500th.

Turf tread tires on a DR core aerator


Steel rims and solid rubber tires provide necessary traction without leaving behind treadmarks. Because self-propelled drive comes from the cams themselves these tires can be smoother than on ordinary outdoor power equipment. The result is a neater looking lawn after aeration.

Self-propel on the DR core aerator


The DR Lawn Aerator sets a comfortable pace moving at 2.5mph as soon as you engage the bail handle. Power from the engine is focused on the unique cam engine that propels the unit and drives the coring tubes. Manuevarability is easier than larger industrial units.



Core Depth up to 2.75"
Number of Tines 3
Core Spacing 4"
Tine Position Lever to Raise Tines for Transport/Storage
Tine Engage Operator Presence Bail Bar
Core Punch End 7/8" diameter x 4 7/8" long
Crank Body Heavy duty cast iron w/ replacement core-punch ends


Length 64"
Width 36"
Height 45"
Weight 180 lbs


Starting Type Manual
Ft Lbs Torque 8.00
Displacement 205 cc
Number Of Cylinders 1
Air Filter Dual-Element
Oil Capacity 20 oz
Lubrication Splash
Gearbox Ratio 6:1

Fuel System

Fuel Capacity 2.9 qt


CARB Certified Yes
Speed 2.5 mph


Frame .11" thick welded steel frame


Machine Warranty 2 years residental; 90 days commercial
Engine Warranty 2 years residental; 1 year commercial

Wheels Tires

Number of Tires 4
Tire Size 10" diameter
Tread Rubber

Trucking Depot Delivery ($189.99) FREE

  • We ship to thousands of trucking terminals across the U.S. During checkout, submit your zip code to see a list of the trucking depots closest to your location.
  • When picking up at depot, you will need a pickup truck or trailer to accommodate your machine. Most depots will load your machine into your vehicle.

Business Delivery ($249.99) $60.00

  • The business you select must have a loading and off-loading facility and accept delivery during normal business hours. You must make arrangements with the business to accept your delivery.
  • Business locations could include feed stores, lumber yards, building supply centers, etc.

Standard Home Delivery ($249.99) $60.00

  • Your home must be accessible by tractor-trailer*, and someone must be home to accept delivery.
  • The truck driver is not required to unload your shipment. Additional fees will apply if the driver unloads your machine.
  • On the day of delivery, we recommend you have a couple of sturdy 10-foot planks (2" thick x 10" wide, minimum) plus three helpers to help you remove the machine from the truck.

Enhanced Home Delivery ($309.99) $120.00

  • Your machine will be removed from the truck by the driver and placed on the ground.
  • Someone must be home to accept delivery and your home or driveway must be accessible to a tractor trailer*.

Please Note:

  • Rush delivery is not available on freight shipments. We ship best method, depending on the delivery method you choose and your location.
  • For both standard home delivery and our enhanced home delivery option, after we process your order and it leaves our factory, the freight company will call you to schedule a delivery time. The carrier will usually provide a 3-4 hour delivery window (for example, 8 am to noon).
  • If the package arrives damaged, you must note it on the bill of lading. If your machine arrives damaged, call DR customer service at 1-800-376-9637 as soon as possible.
  • You can also pick up your machine for free at a DR Factory Store. We have stores in Merrimack, NH, New Castle, DE, and Vergennes, VT. Please call us in advance, toll free at 1-800-687-6575 to make arrangements.
  • * A driveway is considered accessible to a tractor trailer if it a) has no overhanging trees, b) has no power lines, c) contains no culverts or bridges, and d) will allow the truck to make a full turn-around. If the driveway isn't accessible the delivery will be made at the base of the driveway.
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DR Lawn Aerator
Posted by: JEFFERY S. from YUBA CITY, CA on 11/25/2014
Couldn't wait to use it after I got it home. This is the perfect lawn aerator for residential use.
1 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Posted by: TIMOTHY B. from THORNTON, CO on 05/03/2014
5 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Great for the homeowner.
Posted by: poolwoman from Virginia on 09/02/2013
I have always been diligent about aerating my lawn, but as I age, the rental machines seem to get the best of me as they are heavy, quick, and hard to manage in small areas. I had been searching to buy a small one for private use and came across the DR one. I have used it four times and enjoy using it because you can take your time--it is a little slow, but very manageable. It is quite heavy when moving it across terrain or areas not aerating.
7 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
runs well, aeration looks good
Posted by: pfs99 from Maryland on 07/24/2013
Have used only once so far-set up easy, runs well, aerates well.
4 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Works well
Posted by: PARlawn from California on 07/04/2013
I have had this Aerator for 2 weeks and after the second lawn I Aerated, the cable that raises and lowers the tines broke at the eyelet that attaches to the bolt under the cam cover. The most used feature on the unit seems to have the weakest part. At the handle that you use to raise the tines, the aluminum cotter pin and bolt also broke. Also the rubber gate at the back of the unit that breaks up the plugs needs to have bigger washers to hold it in place because after the first pass of my first aerating job the gate pulled itself away from the unit and tore the bolts through the holes of the gate. The customer service was friendly and they were right on top of things and shipped out the replacement parts ASAP, and they arived quickly and at no cost! After I fixed these problems I went ahead and Aerated 10 more lawns. This is one tough machine, I would like to see those small but improtant listed issues upgraded, I have recommended this machine to my other gardening friends and home owners. I'm sure I will be back !
8 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Works great once you tame it
Posted by: woodyw from Montana on 07/01/2013
Works great for punching your lawn but takes a little getting use to the controls and turning the machine, the lady of the house would probably have a little difficulty working with the machine. Overall a very good tool
2 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
very good aerator commercial build for homeowner
Posted by: william007 from Wisconsin on 06/21/2013
i am now retire work at golf course as a grounds keeper for 28 years and seen a lot of aerators but the dr is one of best i heve seen very heavy duty
3 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
DR Aerator
Posted by: Notwen from Utah on 06/20/2013
We were worried that this product would be a disappointment, but it was not. We are very pleased with it so far. It did a great job of aerating our lawn. The plugs were just as deep and big as when we have had our lawn professionally aerated. It was as easy to use as you can expect from a heavy piece of equipment. Our fears were put to rest and we are very pleased with it and look forward to years of aerating our own lawn.
4 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Excellent homeowner aerator
Posted by: Doug5 from Ohio on 06/19/2013
This machine starts on the first pull every time. It pulls itself along as it aerates and creates frequent plugs as it moves. The end result is the same as the large, golf-course machines.
3 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Great product
Posted by: 1Classact from California on 06/19/2013
Debated for years to buy one of these. So happy I did. My lawn looks great!
1 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Landscape Maintenance Pro use
Posted by: CJHames from Texas on 04/26/2013
We own a small landscape maintenance company in Texas. Each spring and fall we would rent aerators from Home Depot or Sunbelt Rental to service our customers. Besides moving dirt around, aeration was our least favorite job because the machines we rented just beat the tar out of us physically. After aerating 10 or more lawns in a day it took it's tool. We dreaded aeration season. I also didn't care for the end result of the rented machines. They weren't the crankshaft-driven type aerators that I used while working for several top-notch golf courses in my early days. The rented machines use the turning wheel-type technology (if you can call it technology), and the holes they created very often didn't go very deep. I knew from past experience that the crankshaft machines actually punched a hole in the turf/ground, and that was what I was looking for, so I decided to invest $1600 or so in this unit to see how it would do. We also wanted the benefit of being able to have a machine on hand, so we could go out and aerate "onesies and twosies" and not have to schedule 10-15 in one day to get the most out of our rented machine. So far I've used this machine a half dozen times or so, and I have another 15 or so scheduled for next week. I thought I'd write a review for any other landscape pro out there who was thinking of buying one of these units. If you are looking for speed, don't buy this unit. It will aerate about 25% - 30% as fast as the rented drum or wheel type aerators. However, and to me this is a huge however, it is by far the easiest aerator I've ever used. I can tell you that the fatigue factor at the end of the day is almost non-existent. We used to have to send 2-man teams out in the field when aerating, now it's a 1-man job, which is a huge deal for us. The quality of job is far superior to rented machines. The holes are much deeper and cleaner, and the small rubber flap at the back of the unit (sort of scraping the ground) helps break up the plugs, leaving a much neater, cleaner finished product. No need to rake up plugs! We can also aerate in circles, moving around tree wells, etc., so the lack of operating speed can be made up (partially) by not having to operate in straight lines. I'd say this makes up for about half of the lack of operating speed, and contributes to the lower fatigue factor. It's a pleasure to use. The only problem I've had with the unit so far is having to readjust one of the cables. It works its way loose pretty quickly, which slows down the self propelled action. Once it's tightened up it works fine. I just haven't figured out yet how to keep it nice and tight. The parts are made up of strong steel, and I don't expect this machine to last forever for the price I paid for it, but the quality of it isn't bad. It's not a $4000 aerator to be sure, but so far I've been pretty pleased with it. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in quality of finished product and ease of use.
18 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Posted by: fleabagracing from Maryland on 01/04/2013
I bought the aerator in March 2012 when it first came out and have used it twice already. I am a woman in my fifties and did not find it hard to operate. It started right up and kept on going until I was done with no problems. I would suggest waiting until the ground is wet and soft before using it as it does not do as good a job on dry hardpacked dirt.
8 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
It does an excellent job of spacing the plugs.
Posted by: eljm from Wyoming on 04/10/2012
It does an excellent job of spacing the plugs.it also has enough weight to ceek the plugs a consistant size and depth.I would recommend this aereator to my relatives and friends anytime.
19 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
this product works great
Posted by: darrell from California on 04/09/2012
this product works great no problems at all just waiting for better weather to use it more
57 people found this review helpful.
Was this review helpful? Yes
Product Q&A
Ask a Question for This Product
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Q.Can this aerate along a slope on a lawn?
I rented a different type from a rental company and it was horrible on even the slightest slopes that sloped down to the left. In that type of slope even having the right side up about 2" higher than the left caused it to shut off (oil sensor shutoff). On slopes with the left side higher, it would go to about a 20 degree bank or more without shutting off but then the slope would become too steep to track a straight path without veering downhill.
A.We do not recommend using any of our machines on slopes steeper than 20 degrees. This is for safety reasons as well as ensuring the machines engine receives adequate oil lubrication. If you were to aerate at or below 20 degrees you would be fine. The aerator does not have an automatic shutoff switch so you would want to closely monitor the oil levels. Thank you for your inquiry.
4 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Justlooking from on 6/30/2013
Q.How wide a path is aerated at a time ?
A.The Lawn Aerator has 3 tines spaced 4" apart giving a 12" wide pathway. The tines punch approximately 2.75" deep.
4 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Moon from New Hampshire on 2/22/2013
Does the electric start model have a pull rope also?
A.Yes, our electric starting model has a back up manual start. If the battery ever dies on the aerator you will still be able to start the machine. Thank you for your inquiry.
2 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Lawnman from on 6/3/2013
Q.How much does the lawn aerator weigh?
A.The manual start Aerator weighs 180 lbs, the electric start model weighs 196 lbs.
2 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Sherm from Minnesota on 4/21/2013
Q.Soil Types
How well does this aerator work in heavy clay soils? Would it have a problem with clogging?
A.I live in Maryland and have heavy clay soil. As long as your ground is soft you won't have any problems. It has never clogged on me and I used it twice in 2012.
2 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Johnny from Texas on 4/17/2012
Q.Can the handle be folded down for easier transport and storage?
A.The handlebar on the Aerator is 1" diameter x .12" Thick Steel Tubing with a foam grip and are 38.5" high. The handlebar does not fold. The tube ends slide into the holes of the frame and are secured on each side with a bolt and washer on the top side and locknut and flat washer on the bottom side. A rear cover then fits over the handlebar connection.

Lawn aeration is an often-overlooked key to a great lawn. Our DR Aeartor has three tines precisely angled and set 4" apart to to cleanly extract a 5/8" diameter plug of soil. This helps with water, air and fertilizer move to the roots of the grass which will produce thicker expanses of grass.

Thanks for your interest and question. ph
1 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Anonymous from CLIFTON , VA on 9/7/2014
Q.How difficult is maneuvering the aerator?
A.The 8.00 Manual-Starting Aeartor is very maneuverable. It is self-propelled and automatically moves forward by motion of tine rotation. The tines literally "walk" the machine across your lawn at approximately 2.5 mph. The DR Aerator works well on all types of grasses and depending on your climate and grass type, the best time(s) of year to aerate may vary. For most areas, aerating twice a year is ideal: once in mid-spring, and once in the fall. Thanks for your inquiry.
1 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: chieftj from Pennsylvania on 9/9/2013
Can I save on the shipping if I have it shipped to one of your dealerships and pick it up there?
A.Shipping charges do still apply when shipping to an independent dealer. You would also need to contact the dealer directly to set up shipping arrangements.
1 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: MJG240 from New York on 10/16/2012
Q.Can I use this aerator with lawn irrigation system without punching holes in the piping and sprinklers? Can I use gasoline with Ethanol?
A.Thank you for contacting us and your interest in the DR Aerator.

The tines have a core depth of up to 2.75 inches deep. You will need to make sure that the piping is deeper than that. It will damage the sprinklers if it comes in contact with them.

If you are using the ethanol gas, we recommend that you use a fuel additive. We offer Star Tron Fuel Treatment which works very well and will maintain the gas for up to 2 years.

Please contact us if you have further questions. PL
0 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Richard Hill from Medfield , MA on 7/25/2014
Q.Where to buy
Is there anywhere in Australia I can buy This Machine do you have any stores in the Brisbane Area can you please advise
A.The name and contact information for the independent International DR Sales/Distributor for certain DR Products that serves Australia is: Himac Industries Craig Tindan 8 Merrifield Street Milpara Industrial Estate Albany, W. Australia 6330 Australia 011 61 8 9842 6323 craig@himacindustries.com.au www.logsplittersaustralia.com.au Thanks for you interest in the DR Lawn Aerator.
0 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Wayrobs from on 9/15/2013
Q.Whats the brand of motor on the aerator/
A.Our Aerator uses a Briggs & Stratton OHV engine. It has 3 tines spaced 4" apart that penetrate 2.75" deep. Thank you for your inquiry.
0 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: PKPK from Illinois on 6/3/2013
Q.I have a lawn with a high sand base will this help improve my lawn?
I live in South Texas with high temps requiring a lot of water on the lawn. The sand base allows the water to bleed off quickley so the roots are not as deep as a clay base soil. Will aeration help establish ar better root base or just allow the water to beed off quicker?
A.Using the DR Aerator will help promote a deeper root system. This will enable your grass to better use the water you have. I also recommend that you apply a drought resistant grass seed after aeration, once or twice a year. Thanks
0 people found this answer helpful.
Was this question helpful? Yes
Posted by: Texman from Texas on 9/10/2012
Q.how do plugs get ejected?
I'm wondering what ejects the plugs from the tine and is ejection ever a problem? Also I was surprised that there are just 3 tines on the machine, if I understood the previous Q/A.
A.Each tine has an opening along the side, after each punch into the ground, the soil plug is forced out by incoming soil. The 3 tines create a 12" wide aerated surface with holes 4" apart. This spacing creates optimal access of water, air and nutrients into your soil.
0 people found this answer helpful.
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Posted by: blenderbender from on 8/15/2012
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