Bladeless Mowing Attachment for DR Field & Brush Mower

For Self-Propelled

Mow over rocks, stumps, stones and into "unknown" areas without worry! It replaces the brush blade on your Self-Propelled DR Field and Brush Mower for added versatility. See machine compatibility below.

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The Bladeless Mowing Attachment takes just a few minutes to install. It's the perfect solution for mowing overgrown pastures, roadside ditches, river banks, places where trash and debris collect, or where rocks and stumps might be hidden from view.

The Bladeless Mowing Attachment uses (2) 21" cutting cords. It comes with one roll of the extremely heavy-duty 170 mil / 0.17" cord that will yield approximately (56) 21" cutting cords. Additional rolls are available #14849.

The Bladeless Mowing Attachment is for use with the brush deck only, and is intended for cutting tall grass and weeds, not saplings or brush.

The Bladeless Mowing Attachment fits:

  • Current models of DR PRO and PRO-XL Self-Propelled DR Field and Brush Mower
  • Older style Self-Propelled DR Field and Brush Mowers manufactured from 2001 – present (serial #ATM41933 – above)

Please Note: Not for use with 12.5 HP 24" Premier models sold 2009-present (serial#FBP00001 – above), 7 HP & 8.25 FPT 22" SCOUT DR Field and Brush Mowers manufactured 9/2003-2009 (serial #FBS000001/FBM000001 – above) or older style high wheeled field and brush mowers with 26" spoke wheels sold from 1987-1998. If you have any questions call toll-free 1-800-687-6575.

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Great Addition to Brush Mower
Posted by: Flyboy from Minnesota on 07/23/2013
We have several deer trails that are somewhat rocky and I have accidently damaged the blade on my DR Brush Mower twice over the years by not seeing hidden rocks during my pre-mow inspection. Finally purchased this attachment. Cuts most grassy vegetation almost as well as the blade and I no longer have to worry about hidden rocks. What a relief! And it's built exceptionally well. Heavy duty cord is very strong and lasts a long time. Cord is a bit difficult to change because it's so thick, but I'll happily live with that! This simple item is a great addition to my faithful Brush Mower!
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Q.At what height does the bladeless mowing attachment mow?
A.The bladeless mowing attachment cuts at approximately 4". Which is the same as the blade.
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Posted by: MikeW from Virginia on 4/12/2013
Q.The listing says "Bladeless Mowing Attachment, w/Cord" How much cord? Does it come with a "Bulk Roll 170 Mil Cutting Cord, AT2, AT3 # 14849 ..." If not, how much cord is included?
A.The Bladeless Mowing Attachment comes with one roll of cord that will yield about 60, 21" cords (approx 100ft). It is to be used on the brush deck only, not on the lawn attachment.
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Posted by: BugsDad from Hawaii on 1/8/2013
Q.What can the bladeless attachment cut through? I have lots of stumps that have small would be saplings that I like to keep cut down
A.The bladeless mowing attachment is designed to cut tall grass and weeds. That being said, it may be capable of cutting some smaller diameter (1/8" -1/4") green saplings, but we would not represent that it will do this consistently. Its primary use is to cut down tall grass and weeds in rocky areas where a blade would be damaged by exposed rocks or roots.
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Posted by: Jerseydan from New Jersey on 11/24/2012
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