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Self-Feeding Chippers (4:00)

Self-Feeding 3-Point Hitch Chipper (1:52)

9.5 Chipper with Shredder (1:58)

21.0 Chipper with Shredder (2:17)

Popular Questions

What is the difference between a wood chipper and a chipper shredder?

You might be thinking, 'Why choose a machine that can do one thing, when I can choose a machine that does two things?' The reality, however, is that dedicated Chippers and the Chipper with Shredders are different machines.

DR Self-Feeding Chippers are the only wood chippers available for homeowners that self-feed most materials. Drop in a branch, and watch it chip on its own, without you force-feeding it! And our dedicated chippers use heavy (up to 62.5 lbs.) flywheels that actually store inertia as they spin, so they have immense chipping power. They will efficiently chew through branches up to 5.75" thick (21.0 Self-Feeding Chipper). Chipper with Shredders, on the other hand, divide their engine's power between two inner mechanisms: a lighter-duty chipping flywheel and a shredding rotor with as many as 48 free-swinging hammers. As with any dual-purpose machine, it compromises some of its efficiency for added versatility.

The bottom line is, dedicated DR Self-Feeding Chippers are simply better at continuous wood chipping, and are recommended if heavy-duty branch chipping is your first priority. DR Chipper with Shredders are best for homeowners who primarily want to shred yard and garden waste, but also want to be able to chip branches when needed.

Do DR Self-Feeding models really self-feed materials?

Yes! DR Self-Feeding Wood Chippers will draw in most materials without being force-fed. We designed them with a large, vertically-oriented hopper, a precisely-angled chipping knife, and an air-injected venting system that draws materials into the chipper knife. These innovative features make the DR the only wood chipper available to homeowners that actually self-feeds branches.

What can I use the wood chips or mulch for?

There are lots of uses for the wood chips or mulch that result from using your DR Chipper or Chipper with Shredder. Wood chips are great for mulching flower beds, covering muddy spots on trails and walkways, or for use as livestock bedding. The mulch from shredded materials decomposes quickly, often within 2 weeks, so it is ideal for making compost to enrich your garden soil.

Are DR Chippers easy to transport?

Yes! All DR Chippers and DR Chipper/Shredders come standard with a mode of transport for maneuvering around your property. The smaller models have handles and rugged wheels for manual transport, and most have an optional towing kit available. The larger models are towable around your property with an ATV or riding lawn mower, and have optional road towing kits available. We also offer a 3-point hitch/PTO model compatible with any category 1 tractor.