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DR Customer Receives Over $35,000 for His New Product Idea...

George Guoan, inventor of the DR Tow-Behind String Trimmer

“Within months of contacting DR Power, my idea was on the market. I am not new at inventing things either; every vehicle on the road has my ideas on them. DR has the very best people I have dealt with. If you have a product you are interested in negotiating a fair deal with, don't put it under the bench -- make it your bonanza!”

- George Guoan, DR Customer and Successful New Product Submitter
Buzzsaw Kindling Maker

Supersaw II

Estimated Pricetag $349

Cut Firewood 5X Faster -- without Bending Over OR Back Pain!

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Electric Tiller

Estimated Pricetag $399

The Power of a Gas Tiller -- without the Gas, Oil, Fumes, Noise or Hard-Starting!

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Direct Bag-It-Mower

Estimated Pricetag $599

Bag Leaves 5X FASTER than with an Ordinary Mower!

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ZTR Self-Propelled Mower

Estimated Pricetag $499

The First ZTR Self-Propelled Mower! Winner of the Minnesota Cup annual inventor competition!

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Past Products


Chainsaw Starter

Estimated Pricetag $199

Invented by a Chainsaw Mechanic Who Threw His Back Out Pull-Starting Saws!

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MTT 136

Estimated Pricetag N/A

A Very Cool Design for a Tracked Electric Vehicle

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Yard Waste Machine

Estimated Pricetag $399

The Worlds First High Speed, User Friendly Way to Get Rid of Your Yard Waste!

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DR Slope & Ditch Mower

Estimated Pricetag $1499

Now Mow Hard-to-Reach Ditches, Roadsides, and Pond Edges -- with Ease!

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Wheeled Power Broom

Estimated Pricetag $349

The Worlds Easiset to Use Power Broom

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Accordion Greenhouse Generation II

Estimated Pricetag $175

You Picked It, We Listened, and Now We've Made it Even Better!

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Lawn Mower with Chipper

Estimated Pricetag $499

NOW...A Lawn Mower that also CHIPS!

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Power Hoe Tiller

Estimated Pricetag $99

World's Lightest, Easiest-to-Use Garden Tiller!

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Multi-Blade Mower

Estimated Pricetag $3995

Dozens of spinning blades make thick vegetation practically disappear! Perfect for clearing roadside ditches, pastures, fire control, vineyards, orchards -- anywhere you want to mulch what you mow!

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Accordion Greenhouse

Estimated Pricetag $175

The First Commercial-Quality, 3-Season Garden Cover that Fully Opens and Closes in Less than 1 Minute!

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Soil/Compost Sifter

Estimated Pricetag $299

Make Your Own Topsoil and Potting Mixes!

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Hay Baler

Hay Baler

Estimated Pricetag $399

The Manual Baler allows you to easily form 80 bales of hay a day without the need for a tractor or an expensive baling machine.

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Estimated Pricetag $399

The SuperSaw allows you to saw branches and limbs without bending over to pick them up or cut them. It's quick, easy, and produces wood pieces in uniform lengths.

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EZ Sealer


Estimated Pricetag $299

The easiest way to re-seal your driveway! The EZ-Sealer tows behind your lawn tractor and simultaneously applies sealer and spreads it evenly. Perfect for long, paved driveways!

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Light Saber

Estimated Pricetag $99

Kill weeds quickly, without bending over, using the high-intensity light waves of the Light Saber. This could be powered by a long-lasting, lightweight lithium -ion battery.

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Flail Mower


Estimated Pricetag $799

This is a refurbished Mott Mower/Chipper from 1961. It was designed to produce an excellent finish cut on lawns AND mulch everything in its path, including 1" thick branches, twigs, nuts and other debris.

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The Pickill Team

Michael M.

Michael is DR's entrepreneur in residence and he holds a Black Belt in Innovation Engineering. His fingerprints are all over many of the new products and brands we've developed during the past 10 years.

Carl E.

A veteran of the DR product development team, Carl was instrumental in developing such staples as the DR Trimmer Mower and DR Leaf and Lawn Vacuum. After 18 years with the company, he knows power equipment inside and out!

Michael J.

With a passion for great tools and 9 years of experience as a senior product manager, Michael has developed such iconic DR products as the Dual-Action Log Splitter, Roto-Hog Power Tiller, and Towable Backhoe.

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