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Trimmer Mowers

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New Tow-Behind Models for 2014!

World's First Trimmer for
Riding Mowers!

Just pin-hitch our new 6.25 Tow-Behind model to your riding mower and you can trim border areas while you mow your lawn! Plus, you have the power to mow tall grass and weeds anywhere you can take your riding mower!

All-Terrain Toughness

The 7.25 All-Terrain model is built to go anywhere your ATV goes and it will clear out tall growth or trim along fences and roads, mow ditches and pond banks

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    Walk Behind or Tow it Your Way ?


    • The ORIGINAL- perfected over 25 years in the field.
    • Premium Engines, Electric Starting option
    • Self-Propelled models

    For Riding Mowers

    • World's First!
    • TRIM while you MOW!
    • Goes anywhere your rider does!
    • Spring loaded arm deflects around obstacles

    For ATVs and UTVs

    • For ATVS, UTVs, Riding Mowers, Compact Tractors
    • Built for rugged terrain
    • Long reach for cutting outside you wheelbase

    For Tractors

    • 3-Point Hitch
    • Spring tensioned to deflect around obstacles
    • Easy On/ Easy Off Design