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The powerful DR Field and Brush Mower chops everything in its path! Order your FREE Buyer's Guide to learn more!

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  • 24-Page Buyer's Guide

    Includes everything you need to know! Model comparisons, specification charts, features, owner stories, and FAQs.

  • Action-Packed DVD

    See it in action! See what the DR can really tackle and hear from customers who use it on their own properties.

  • Money-Saving Promotions

    Learn about all the current promotions, including cash savings, credit offers, our 6-month hands-on trial, and more!

Buyer's Guide and DVD

What others are saying

A real workhorse that gets the job done! This mower is unbelievable, it mows down everything in its path.

5/5 Stars
- Ketstang

This machine can't be beat. It clears my brush and high grass with ease and does not use a lot of gas.

5/5 Stars
- Ward

Powerful, relentless, unstoppable. Well built and built to keep working.

5/5 Stars
- PastorPaul
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