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  • 24-Page Buyer's Guide

    Includes everything you need to know! Model comparisons, specification charts, features, owner stories, and FAQs.

  • Action-Packed DVD

    See it in action! See what the DR can really tackle and hear from customers who use it on their own properties.

  • Money-Saving Promotions

    Learn about all the current promotions, including cash savings, credit offers, our 6-month hands-on trial, and more!

Buyer's Guide and DVD

What others are saying

Every time I've turned to it to clean up debris, it has done a great job... takes a lickin' and keeps on chippin'!

5/5 Stars
- motor_mike2000

My husband brags about it - we both think it's among the best investments we've ever made. Would definitely recommend to everyone and would buy again! Worth every cent compared to those flimsy ones you can buy elsewhere.

5/5 Stars
- RocBon

The 16.50 Pro was everything advertised and more! Turning years of neglected, overgrown property into beautiful mulch was easy work compared to what I had anticipated to do before the machine arrived.

5/5 Stars
- Master CPO
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